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Group Gifts – Calling All Foodies!

Group gifts for Foodies 3

Oh my dayssss – if there’s one thing I adore in SL its FOOD! Player and I spent ages looking & sampling various things at stores and events – and we both just adore this stores items. Store called [mamere], and its chock-a-block with food glorious food. Id actually gone there to buy two items that were in the weekend sales and then saw all the group gifts and decided to join up.

Group gifts Foodies

The group does cost 150L but seriously for the quality and amount of gifts its not expensive. I rarely join paid groups but this one – is just SO worth it ❤

I’ve placed just a few of the group gifts out in the two photos above, the animations, the details on the items is fantastic. Love the eating animations for your face – brilliant. All the items above are mostly 1Li, I think one was 3Li and a few at 2Li.

Group gift NEW

Just as I was writing this post a notice came through saying there was another group gift! The “bucket for pudding”, you get a holdable version, a rez version of both pudding and a bucket of pudding. You’ll find the group gifts towards the centre of the store on their own separate stand, check both sides, as the newer gifts are to the front, all the rest are on the reverse. Ooo I’ve just seen their offers for this weekend – Kitty milkshakes ❤

Happy Chomping ❤


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Free Gifts @ The Farmers Market

FREE gifts @ The Farmers market

This round of the Farmers Market is all in one street based venue – which is super lovely ! Usually we need to teleport around from store to store, so this was a lovely way to shop. Each designer had a free gift for us also! Oh my dayssss so many, and all lovely. Above are my top picks of the gifts I found. Framed art by pecheresse 1Li. Painters oils & notebook by kalopsia 1Li each, books and cup of tea by what next 1Li, set of bowls by Dahlia 1Li, vegetable basket by YD 3Li. Just join the free group and click away (Ohhhh of course I made some purchases too lol)

Farmers Market

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Group gift – Detox Time

Group gift [InsurreKtion]

I had headed over to [InsurreKtion] to buy something , turned out it wasn’t there BUT I noticed some really really awesome group gifts! The group costs $10L to join which is so inexpensive considering the quality and amount of gifts out for you to take. I love this detox set , the cup and tea box have texture change options and its all super low prim. Kettle 1Li, Cup 2Li and tea box 1Li.


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Free : Its The Little Details

Free Shelving with spoons 1Li

I had headed over to Paniq to collect a new group gift BUT it cost $50L to join and I didn’t want it that much – such a cheapskate ! Anyway I did find a little trove of free gifts with no group join required on the central area just around from the group gifts. This sweet shelf with spoons is just 1Li and would really add a little more realism to your home – if you touch the spoons they vanish , retouch et voilà they are back. There are also a few more non group gifts in the same area.


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Add Details For Free

FREE Carriage & horses scene 8Li

Found some fantastic hunt gifts at Storaxtree today. If you land and let everything rez, you should be able to see the wall of hunt posters with alllll the gifts attached to take. Handy dandy! The horse & carriage scene above is just 8 Li and so well made – its a keeper for me.

FREE crockpot 3Li

Another hunt gift was this fabbo crockpot filled with wintery goodness – just 3Li ! Plenty of other gifts to look at , most cost just $1L.


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A personal plea.(Freebies).

This adorable teacup and egg set are group gifts from a shop called Dahlia.

I’ve zoomed out to show you the other colours you get, plus a better perspective on the size.

Adorable so blinking adorable, believe it or not, I went into my own RL kitchen and dug out one of my oversized teacups and copied this.  Only 1 prim each as well and I do believe copy.

I already own a couple of decor items from this shop but damn it I’ve earmarked a few items for me to return to and purchase at a later date, so free is going to cost me but of course that’s what happens, the freebies/hunts bring people in in the hopes they splash some cash and in this case it has worked…when I treat myself to some more Lindens that is.

Anyhow, this is only one of the group gifts.  I picked this up and the mug of hot chocolate and apart from a couple of rather really good items of jewellery I can’t actually remember what else there was so go check them out for yourself.

While you’re there can you find the hunt prize for me?  I’ve been waiting for a hunt to come along and finally here is one called “The Frog Prince Hunt” and it looks like it’s going to be a good un.  The only thing is that even though hints are given I’ve failed at the first hurdle and couldn’t find the one in the Dahlia shop soooo be a sweetie and if you find it can you drop me a note cos if it’s as good a quality as the GG’s it’s worth hunting down.


The Frog Prince Hunt Hints & LMs