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Buyers Remorse(Bargains).

I seem to be popping into a few old shops today and it’s such a pleasure to see such familiar names and the name of this shop is Thanio.

I first bought the chair which cost me 65Lds because of the folded fabric on it, it’s those realistic touches I love.  It does have poses in them but I prefer it for decor only and at 3 prims most reasonable.  This chair is to be found in the main shop.  Somethings in the shop can be bought just by clicking on them and others like this chair are from the nearby board.

Then I TPed to the “outlet” dept and went a little bit clicky because everything is only 25Lds.  I bought this kitchen and not just the rug you can see but in fact, I ended up with 5 rugs.

The kitchen is deceptively simple looking and yet you can see from this shot quite a lot of detailing has gone into it.  If you click on the oven doors and the covers they all open.

There is a bit of everything in this shop, art, furniture, some lovely decor for a sewing craft room etc.

And then when I TPed over to Thanio Design to LM grab I spotted this kitchen which if I was, to be honest, I would have bought in the first place BUT at only 25Lds it’s not like I’ve wasted a lot of Lindens.

The reason I had to have this particular kitchen is because of the narrowness of the benches.  I have a few rustic caravans and “tiny” homes where space is at a premium and this has to be the narrowest kitchen I’ve seen.  Not sure if it’s editable as I literally just spotted it when I returned, bought it and took a snap of it in the shop.

UPDATE.  Totally editable.  I’ve not really done this kitchen much favours as it has a metal sink, great taps etc so make sure to ignore this picture and check it out properly for yourself.

Thanio Design

Thanio Design Outlet Dept

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Pull up a seat.(Freebie)

This seat to be exact.

I’ve been to a couple of events and grabbed more LM’s which is how I ended up at “The Green Door” shop.

There are 3 Group Gifts but even though I was wearing the right group tag this is the only one which was sent to me but it was actually the main one I wanted….and that’s it…so far.

The Green Door

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A personal plea.(Freebies).

This adorable teacup and egg set are group gifts from a shop called Dahlia.

I’ve zoomed out to show you the other colours you get, plus a better perspective on the size.

Adorable so blinking adorable, believe it or not, I went into my own RL kitchen and dug out one of my oversized teacups and copied this.  Only 1 prim each as well and I do believe copy.

I already own a couple of decor items from this shop but damn it I’ve earmarked a few items for me to return to and purchase at a later date, so free is going to cost me but of course that’s what happens, the freebies/hunts bring people in in the hopes they splash some cash and in this case it has worked…when I treat myself to some more Lindens that is.

Anyhow, this is only one of the group gifts.  I picked this up and the mug of hot chocolate and apart from a couple of rather really good items of jewellery I can’t actually remember what else there was so go check them out for yourself.

While you’re there can you find the hunt prize for me?  I’ve been waiting for a hunt to come along and finally here is one called “The Frog Prince Hunt” and it looks like it’s going to be a good un.  The only thing is that even though hints are given I’ve failed at the first hurdle and couldn’t find the one in the Dahlia shop soooo be a sweetie and if you find it can you drop me a note cos if it’s as good a quality as the GG’s it’s worth hunting down.


The Frog Prince Hunt Hints & LMs

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Heart of the Home


A kitchen is always central in my home, whether in Second life or real life. Theres something so comforting about settling at the table with a hot drink. Chez Moi have got the “industrial kitchen” listed as their “Buy Now” items for this round. Buy now is a market place event with great reductions on items! I just love the large wooden kitchen table, it has real warmth and depth. There is a PG and an adult version, and ohmaiiii, there’s a lot of poses! Plus some adorable meals that rez from the menu.


The kitchen element is fantastic, really…this is such a keeper for me. Not the same ole same ole poses and food, some totally neat ones too! Pretty low prim for such a large piece.


Additional pieces can be bought separately to make a whole scene, shelving and a fridge (with poses and heaps of foooood) Link below to check it out without the fandango of searching through the whole store. Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi Buy Now

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Cozy Kitchen and snuggly pj’s


Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen

If there is one thing that I feel really makes a house a home in Second Life – it’s the kitchen. Chez Moi have released a massive new kitchen – just in time for all your Christmas baking. I’m showing you a very small selection of pieces from that new range, so click the link below and check out the whole lot for the full effect. You can buy the whole set together, or pick and mix what you like as separates. I had a lot of fun playing with the cooker, food appears inside and pots & pans whizz into your hands as if by magic !

Chez Moi Shabby chic stove

For some of the pieces you need to make a choice of adult or PG – each set is stuffed with poses and activities though.

Chez Moi Shabby Kitchen Dresser

You can buy the add ons individually, or get them as part of the set – this way you can really balance your prim usage which I always find so handy.

Chez Moi Kitchen island NEW!!

The kitchen island is very entertaining – if you go for the adult version, you wont EVER get bored ! It’s not all about naughtiness though, as you can see – plenty of baking and chopping also.

Check here for the full pack info: Shabby Kitchen Complete (PG)

Chez Moi market place

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi blog

Pj’s by snatch at My attic event – 95L for a huge pack!

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I Wish!

I’m off for one of my weekend breaks this weekend but unlike my normal cottage weekender’s this is a city break and as much as I’m looking forward to it I really REALLY want to go and look at this….


The Eiffle tower of course.  I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris twice in my life once as a child and once as a teenager but as an adult it’s still on my wish list of places to go, however my OH has been twice, he goes on cycling holidays and there’s no way I’m putting my sorry ass through all of that work, and on his last visit he not only gave me the obligatory picture of himself and his bike, posing in front of one of the most famous towers in the World he also brought back a tacky and yet beautiful Eiffle tower ornament made of glass and filled with sweeties.  It’s now standing in my kitchen filled with Balsamic Vinegar.

OK enough waffling.  These ornaments come from Follow Us and because they’re another 48 hour discount on the Marketplace I thought I’d get them in quick.  For 99Lds you get the same base colour of silver and the 3 sizes and copyable which you can see I went overboard with in this picture.  The “love” comes with a choice of colours, red, pink or blue (my fav) but they’re in separate packs.  So if you want the blue writing (my fav) then buy the blue pack etc.

Best of all and I almost missed it, I even took a load of piccies before I realised that the V and E of the word have little lights on them and if you click on them they light up.  You have 2 colours white, shown, and random.  Once I’d clicked on them all my whole room was glowing.  I took the picture in my Nams setting but all those little lights brighten and warmed up the room.


I think theses look just as good as stand alone pieces or for something as dramatic such as my mantlepiece.  I’m very much into scene setting and if I had a SL lover then for a romantic evening I’d rezz a whole load of these and a table groaning with food and of course one of the wine ladened trolleys/carts which can also be picked up from the Follow Us Marketplace shop.

Don’t worry because I always finish off my Follow Us posts with a reminder that there are a total of 35 items priced between 1-10Ls and even more 11-100Lds and they’re all brilliant quality.  You can of course for just a token 40Lds join Laurent83Waco’s inworld group and grab everything that’s out for group members.

Follow Us Eiffle Tower

Follow Us inworld

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Preppers get prepped.

Another Kismet moment in SL.  I had literally just popped into Follow Us in the hopes that Laurent83 Waco has started to put out Crimbo items (thats Christmas to the unchildish) and sadly apart from trays of scrummy foods and other stuff not much at the moment but then I had spotted this “Fruity kitchen” and it hurt not to either buy it or send  a begging note to Laurent83 Waco asking for a copy to blog because it’s so “preppers” and then out of the blue I received one in my invent the next day.

Kitchen1I rezzed my Woodcutters house and omg how good does this look even  from the doorway.  It also gave me the opportunity to show off the pot belly coal stove which is not included in with the kitchen but its rustic charm compliments it. A lovely replacement for a full cooker as it comes with your meal heating on top and a kettle.  Not shown is the matching coal shuttle and poker set or the colour choices.  The standard black a more unusual white and an even more unique warm cherry colour.

Kitchen2The kitchen isn’t packed with poses but that s not such a draw back especially when the ones included are pretty damned good.  A new one is this ruffling though the pages of a cooking magazine, smooth and very realistic and with the same perfect poses as with some of his other  kitchen sets, mixing food in a bowl, pouring seasoning on food etc all smooth and flowing.

Kitchen 3The reason I refer to this one as “preppers” is because there is a very basic rustic charm to it.  Everything you see comes with it all set out and ready to go so no need to shop around for kitchen accessories and then the fiddling editing them into place you simply rez this as it is (only the cupboard door is separate so rezz in edit mode but if you forget then editing the cupboard door in place is easy peasy).  The shelves are packed with tinned goods, fruit n veg, pots and pans, tray of cutlery and cups and saucers so basically everything that makes a kitchen look complete without all the fuss of buying seperate items and having to fiddle them into place.  The very rustic wood sink is filled with pans waiting to be washed love the added rustic tap.  Click on the door under the sink and there is even a cooler box with trays of sliced meats and cake.  The top is cluttered with kitchen ware and there is a crock pot, sadly I cut it out of the picture, with pots in slowly cooking away.   I just LOVE IT and when I pack up my “winter home” with its inbuilt kitchen then this is the one I will be using.

Kitchen BayBeing a Windlight addict I love to use it but of course it can enhance and sometimes ruin the look of furniture, settings and even how you AV looks so I always like to take as natural but the I loved that warm setting so much I had to use it but when I got this off Baylen I really appreciated how he’s managed to capture the magazine, pose and colouring so I’m going to add this on.  This kitchen looks great in any setting.

Not shown but if you really want to complete the look then go further into Follow Us and check out the “Rural Table”.  This is a perfect compliment to the Fruit Kitchen because it uses a lot of the same texturing.  With the kerosine oil lamp, small milk churn and coffee grinder rustic enough for country living but plates of scrummy looking cakes and sweets, napkins, cups and saucers pretty enough for all.  Chairs come with inbuilt poses, only a couple but both are smooth and very natural flowing.

FreeIf all of that isn’t enough then check out this FREE Group Gift from Follow Us.  OK I’ve now been a member of Follow Us for so long I can’t remember if there is a joining fee I promise to drop Laurent a note and ask but even if there is a fee this is one group that actually does put out not only a regular monthly group gift but also a sub gift, he also has special offers out all the time usually in the form of a large discount on certain items which when they go they go so at the moment the easels that have the discounted items on are blank, but I know that soon there will be another offer up there.  All the special offers, discounts, group gifts are in the entrance area so easy to find but make sure to check out not just the shop but outside where he has his outdoor items.

This cooker is perfect for the smaller home, just for fun I rezzed it into a closet LOL but it fits my AV perfectly well and with a couple of poses in it very sweet and I know because one of my secret addictions is small homes that finding  a cooker than can fit in is a real find.  Check out the carbon on the bottom of the frying pan and yes thats what mine looks like in RL!

Check out his Marketplace because there photos are excellent and you can see that there are some brilliant Dollarbies and 10Lds items but also that his prices are more than reasonable.  Nice to see that his blog is also updated on a regular basis so check that out as well (and it has a much better picture of this Group gift).

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Blog