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Coffee Lover

Aphrodite NEW!

Aphrodite has released a new gem for all of us coffee addicts. It’s really plush and fancy- smancy ! This is the “Nexpresso” coffee machine. The detail is amazing, each tiny button has a type of coffee written on it, you see the lit red button? Well that turns on and off too. The machine really makes your chosen brew and ohmai – there are TWELVE types ! (expresso, latte, capypso, mocha, cappuccino, cafe with cream, whipped vegan cafe, decaf, three mousses cafe, iced, Irish & Frappuccino) During the making phase, the machine hisses and clouds of steam appear as it froths up your milk – I love it ! When your drink is ready, it appears in your object folder, all ready to wear and enjoy.

Aphrodite coffee NEW!

Along with the machine, you also get the twelve coffee’s as deco items, they are so so pretty and beautifully made. My favourite two are above, check out the intricate detail on the spoon – just lovely. You can also buy this in a silver colour, so chose whatever compliments your home the best. Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite mainstore

Aphrodite market place



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Get cooking

1 Prim rice cooker 1L

Popped over to my favourite gacha store this morning..and was deeeelighted to find a new item ! This is the rice cooker…and gawd can you really believe with all that detail..its just ONE prim?! Not only low prim…but also just 1 solitary Linden ! *faints* If you touch the buttons on the front, the spoon drops to the side, touch again, the lid comes off, and again the rice appears and steams away,  one more click and the lid settles back on…how cool ! This is in a gacha so you’ll get an array of colours, its trans also so if you don’t get the colour you want straight away…hand them out as gifts . Brilliant !

Gacha !

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A couple more …

I have a couple more items to share with you from The Silver Lining Hunt yay! I did go search for both of these, but as usual failed to find them. Luckily for me both designers kindly sent a review – so thankyou – phew ❤ Above is the gift from Pestique…something very close to my heart and also something I see most days at work…I can tell you this is as close as it gets to a professional kitchen set up…absolutely fantastic…would really liven up your SecondLife kitchen…stainless steel that is sparkly clean…pots, pans and even some milk & cookies…brill !

I’m pretty sure Player will adore these as he’s SUCH a ginormous geeeeeek…(as am I really), these fabbo space invader prints are the gift from Breno…you get them separately or joined in a row…I shall have to squeeeeze them in at home!



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