weeeeeee I popped over to KKBB today, havent been there for agessss…and fell in love with the new Luna dress…

KissKissBangBang new release "Luna"

It comes in several variations, patterned & plainer colours..can you believe it is only 5L???? I also snapped up one of the fantasy skins for a mere 10L to wear with it…click the pic for a closer view…its a pretty colour (my only wish is for a darker skin shade..I like my all over tan!)

KKBB Lucky board prize wrapped heels in light pink

While I was there the lucky board spat up a ? so I nabbed it fast ! (the letter F is cursed lol) and I received these lully wrapped pink heels…great easy-to-use HUD for skin tone & nails ! A whole new look for 15 Lindens hurrrah!

go get pritty : KKBB


Kiss Kiss…. Bang Bang !

Some uber newness from KKBB girlies…gawd I lurve that store, such great prices and lulliness yay! No time to wax lyrical (hurrah huh? lol) Sooo on with the clothes and no yap from moi…click the pics for a closer view..

First a brand new dress..lots of variations of colour & textures, I ❤ this kinda sludgy green soooo bad *squeals*

KKBB Nicole Dress - Striped and Green 5L

 Next, jeans AND shirt..the prim cuffs on these jeans are just purrrfect..

KKBB Lana Top with Kiss Kiss Designer Jeans 5L (for the whole set!)

Last but by no means least-this tank top (lots of colour choices but of COURSE i chose pink ) I thought I was just going to get the top but in the box were also these gorjusss shredded jeans!

KKBB Shredded Jeans & Glitter Rock Tank - PinkPrincess 5L

I also noticed the stilettos were priced at 1L now (oot oot) some really great limited edition colours on the heels…the lucky boards were changing FASSSSST…oh and a coupla pretty looking skins upstairs…its stuffffffed with goodness- take a trip !

Taxi to : KKBB


KissKissBangBang ooo shoessss

You know sometimes on a Friday I move slowwww, sometimes-like today– I move fassssssst…the difference? Well its simple dimple..the owner of KKBB Delia Linette..sent a note out about this LICKABUBBLE pair of shoes shed been working on..thats always gonna make my bones jump into action!! They are truly scrummmmmmy…check them out…click the pic for a closer view!

Strapped Heels - Tan Leather&Cream Suede 10L

The purrrfect shade for summer..Im totally into beiges & tan right now so I almost fainted with desire…my  little paws couldnt pay the vendor fast enough lol yay! Theres a HUD for skin tone & nail colour..you can also re-size…I lurrrrve them

Taxi to go: KKBB


Dotty,cardi’s & bags ole!

Humby designs sent out a subscribo gifty today , sweet dotty jeans with a prim cuff..I had noticed that KisskissBangbang had some pritty cardigans out that I thought might team up…so I dashed over and snaffled one up…and uhmm…anotherrrr bag also..oh cmon! They are JUST 5L!! The cardigan comes in a few shades-all 1L each…plus the Penny top @ 1L was a keeper…see below, click for the larger pic!

Humby designs jeans,KKBB cheetah bag & Carrie cardigan
KKBB Penny top 1L

Links : Humby designs, KisskissBangbang

credits : hair by fri.day “dylan”, skin by redgrave,poses by fri,day