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Super Simple.(Freebie).

The headdress I’m wearing was sent to me from Kisetsu since I’m not in the Kisetsu group I will assume it was a sub gift but as usual when something is so nice it’s a reminder it’s time to visit the shop and I did.

This has been set out as a Group Gift which is free to join and you get 3 shades of this metal flowery headdress, rose, rose gold and silver and yes I have rezzed it and only 3 prims.

This time around I won’t be buying anything from the Kisetsu shop as I did a quick invent search which showed me I’d already purchased the adorable bags I was drooling over and I have so many of the Gacha prizes I won’t be risking looking at them again.  There are Gacha’s in the mainshop but also a TP to them and also to the demo builds.

I have to return to RL, damn!


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Beautiful Sim Beautiful Skin.

You wait forever for one of your favourite skin designers to set out a bargain and then 2 come along at the same time what is a girl to them both of course.

skin2The skin I wear 90% of the time is called Wednesday and it comes from Essences.  Full priced in the shop they cost a pretty penny but if you’re a “canny” shopper like me (canny means good) then you wait for a hunt, LB. or one of the discounted sales which pop up and one of the biggest ones is Fusion where everything is priced from 40-70Lds so you can imagine as soon as I spotted an Essence skin my little AV heart fluttered.  This is Wednesday ll which to me looks almost identical to my skin but with an amazingly bronzed tone.  You get 4 layers but the only difference is the eyebrows so you have Blonde, brown, brunette and ginger eyebrow colours but same skin/eye make up.  Comes with make up a smudgy red/black/brown eye make up look which is so sexy. A large choice of 6 blush layers as well.

Skin 1Just to make this a double whammy I then spotted a YS & YS skin which is another high-end shop so for 70Lds another brilliant find.  This one is called Willow.  2 skins with willow same texturing but one comes with a closed mouthed and if you look closely you can see in the photo the second skin comes with a slightly parted mouth.  Very subtle make up.  Comes with a LOT of tattoo layers for eyebrows, cleavage etc.  You really have to try the demo’s and see which skin  fits your shape and your personality but at 70Lds each you really can’t afford not to pick both up.

Check out YS & YS shop if you want the Lolas to go with your skin (I know I do) and I’m trying to resist a cute pair of Polka Dot shoes she has.

Sim1Stumbled on this gorgeous shopping/visiting sim.  Lots of small shops with quite a few LBs, Group Gifts and just plain interesting items in the same theme as the sim.  Just plain lovely with sitting areas and beautiful views.

Sime2It was the fan which brought me to in the first place. A 60Lds weekend offer from kisetsu so sadly it will have gone back upto full price by the time this is posted (but maybe the owners will be kind/lazy and keep it up there for longer).  A shop packed with gorgeous colourful kimonos and accessories. Once you’ve checked out her shop then step outside and have a wander around a beautiful sim and maybe you too will be lucky enough to pick up some freebies or cheapies if your not tempted by one of her gorgeous kimonos.

The Dressing Room Fusion



Beautiful Sim