The Seasons Hunt…well a little bit of it..

Ho-hum…real life is kinda busy this week…so Ive only done a teeny bit of this hunt so far ! My favs are below ! click the pics for a closer view

The seasons hunt Fri.day

Simple yet fabulous cardy from Fri.day, their gear is always soooo wearabubble..beautiful powder blue, great for jeans etc..

get it here : Fri.day

The seasons hunt Tiny Bird

Wardrobe essential PACK of sweaters, for both guys & gals…you get a whole ton of colours oot oot! Different versions in the box for male & female, a VERY generous gifty!

get it here: Tiny Bird

The seasons hunt +KiiToS!!+

Stuning jacket from +KiiToS!!+, remember that duffle coat they gave away in the autumn? Yep, this is just as detailed and lully…there are male & female versions in the box… I ❤ this verrrry much

Get it here : +KiiToS!!+

Youre looking for a snowman ! I didn’t find it hard to find any of them, hence NO clues !

Fai x


Weekend Wonderland

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’re all having a good weekend. I’ve got a couple of neat things to show you that might make it a little better.

First off is the Tweed Peacoat from +KiiToS!!+ which is currently available as a group gift until the 31st December. I’d already gotten myself one of these in grey when they first came out but I couldn’t resist grabbing another one when I got a notice about this. I don’t think you could blame me though. I’ve got a few peacoats kicking around in my inventory but this one may already be my favourite. Unlike the others which come in both open and closed versions, the gift peacoat comes in only the closed version but really, that doesn’t make any difference because it’s such an awesome coat. The details are fabulous: from the glossy buttons on the front of the coat to the lovely looking tweed texture, I just love it. There’s also a female version for you ladies to grab as well. This is a must-have, so go on and make room in your groups, join up and grab it!

Christmas Gift Tweed Peacoat: +KiiToS!!+ (the teleporter to the store itself should be on a tree behind you when you land and both the group joiner and gift are located right at the front of the store)

Last but not least for today is this simple, cool top from *Somapop*. No need to mess around with any prim attachments on this one, just wear and go. I really like the white striped undershirt peeking out from the collar and bottom of the blue top. The creases on the shirt are well done too and blue and white look good with just about anything. Very simple, but it looks great so what more could you want? Only L$1 too, all that makes it a winner in my book.

[SP] Blue Sweater BYW: *Somapop*


Get your brooooom on!

This has to be one of the sweetest halloween outfits I’ve found yet ! It’s a freebie from KiiToS and is hidden verrrrry well (look under tables is my only hint!

KiiToS secret gift for halloween

awwww its a shoulder kitty …!!

KiiToS secret halloween gift

Yes, some might say I look VERY at home on a broom, dressed as a witch …(Player I mean YOU ! LOL)

The kitty & brooms, shoes, headband are all in the box…have fun!

Go get halloweened: KiiToS