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The Free, The almost Free & The cheap!

I was mooching around the market place last night and found this absolutely adorable little pouffe for just $1L by Maya. Its got couples and singles poses, some that attach props to your hands directly. Overall its done in chic grey & white tones but it is modifiable, so you could fiddle with it. Free is my nifty shifty dress by Neve, all mesh bodies and standard sizes included, plus a Hud with three alternative colour palettes. You can find this at the new round of Liason collaborative.

The Skyhome is by TA Hardware, such an amazing little treat for just $10L. Its only 2 Li anddd comes with a Hud that gives you four options for the view out of the window. Beautifully textured all around with a fake door at the rear just to make it even more homely. There are a few different designs of these at $10L plus some at $25L – check out the market place store. Isnt my radio just adorbs?! It’s by Kei spot and cost me one single Linden dollar. You actually get the version with the two birds on top canoodling plus plain ones- info:

“Radio comes in the four colours shown via texture change menu. Love birds version includes 7 love songs. The radio is copy/mod so add your own tunes as well. Bonus plain version serves as a parcel station tuner to set the music on your land.”

I picked up the deeelicious strands of lights at the new round of Collabor88, they are by half deer and you get a really big assortment of sizes and  types – well worth the $188L – look out for the floor pack too.

TA Hardware skybox

Kei spot radio


Liason collaborative free neve dress 

Maya pouffe

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The Little Mermaid

SSD Little Mermaid set

Sax Shepherd has a lovely little set of jewellery out for an event that I haven’t actually heard of before. The Event is called “Enchantment” and features all sorts of unusual and pretty items, from decor to clothing and everything in-between. Sax has the “Little mermaid” collection for sale. It consists of a Maang Tikka (the head-piece) and earrings.

SSD Little mermaid HUD

The HUD allows you to really personalise the pieces with heaps of options for pearls, metal tones and stone colour. If your curious about my maid get up, its by Kei Spot – I love this store and every Tuesday there are 30L items out for grabs. This mermaid set was one of those items ! Its full price now but really worth getting anyway. There is an animated version of the skirt that makes your mermaid tail swisssssh, it also has a wearable lyre.

Enchantment (opens tomorrow the 14th)

Enchantment blog

Kei Spot

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Breakfast in the garden

coldLogic dodge NEW

I love love love Saturdays ! Did you join up for the 30L Saturday group yet? If you haven’t you’re missing SO many things to buy. I slipped my new coldLogic “dodge” frock on and had a little jaunt around to see what treats were on offer. Dodge is a sweet wee thing, a sheer layer over a simple chic dress and thin straps over your shoulders. At the rear is a lush looking bow that comes from the wide satin sash around your waist, it really completes the look. Available in an array of spring time colours instore or on the market place.

coldLogic dodge NEW -  Tea table set - 30L ! (today only)

One of my permanent stops for 30L Saturday is always Kei Spot, usually you will find two items placed out for the offer – clothing and something homely. I snapped up the breakfast gossip table – as it’s an amazing deal for 30L. I really like the antler and wood design of the legs and stools, plus its chock-a-block full of adorable poses & props. I seem to recall the whole table and decor came in at around 16 prims, so ti wont snaffle up your budget. If you look in my profile you will see the 30L group, click on it and join up – this breakfast table is only available for today btw!

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Kei Spot

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Couple of free gifts!

FREE wearable chalk board (has many messages!) Free sweater

I was shooting around doing the 25L Tuesday event, on one of my regular stops I spotted this wearable chalkboard. It’s at Kei Spot, and if you haven’t been here before you’re in for a treat! Kei spot caters for all sorts of things, role play, home & garden and a bunch of FUN stuff too. This is located not far from the landing point right by the fantastic 25L Tuesday offers (which I also bought). Soooo its a chalkboard and you wear ir – so no prims taken up yay!. Touch it and you get a load of choices for the writing, and also a piece of chalk to wear. (Btw the little pot of flowers is also part of it) Totally adorable ! Thanks Kei . My sweater is a free gift from Blaraby, there’s a few more gifts there and the group is free to join (I think Zan already posted the shorts from here).

Kei Spot


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Love & War

Kei Spot  outfit, wearable sunflower, wearable dance pole and necklace - Argrace FREE group gift hair- Matilda Soon shape 10L_0

Brand spankin new event thats just opened, Love & War, don’t miss it and haz a sad as there is SO much to see and So many bargains ! I snapped up this scrummy little outfit from Kei Spot – ok ok ok so it’s called a “camisk” if you’re into Gor related things, to me, it’s just pretty lingerie ! The added bonus is, you not only get the pretties but the wearable sunflower, a necklace and wait for it, wait for it – a wearable sunflower that allows you to pole dance – *faints* – just what I always wanted and never knew ! All this for just 30L, in fact there are gazillions of 30L deals all over the event.

Cheap and Chic shapes Dublin - 10L - Argrace FREE hair Sakura

I also managed to grab myself another cheap and chic shape, they are on a special promotion at the moment and I dont know for how long – ALL shapes just 10L  and yes, they are also modify, superb ! The shape Im wearing is called “Dublin”. My hair is by Argace, its called Sakura and is the new group gift – there is also one for the boys (but seriously – I’m sure its uni-sex as it looks great on me too !) Group is free to join btw.

Happy Wednesday ❤


Love & War

Cheap and Chic shapes

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The scent of Spring is in the air

All around in merry ole England spring flowers are poking their heads up early…such a lovely time of year..and to celebrate the fast arriving season CandyMetal have a fantastic spring gift out for you ! You will get this beautiful mesh dress..a pair of matching vintage pumps…plussss the skin I’m wearing…Totally deelicious ! Thanks Emychan xx

CandyMetal also have some new releases to look out for..the sport mini skirt..which is really really short oot oot ! …and the Kana sweater and tank’s..easy to wear..and look great. If like me you love homey & kitchen type items..check out my pot of chilli…its a free gift from Kei-spot…it comes with a wearable animated spoon..touch the pot and it gives you a choice of foods to show cooking…

plussss this frypan..choice of foods to cook..animated spatula…of course I chose a traditional English fry up ! Have a good browse around Kei-spot..I saw some sooper lovely items on sale…low prim and stuffed full of animations..some really unique creations (LOVE the pond!)


Next door I wandered into Evillicious and found this cracking set of free one prim barrells..they have six poses in them…won a place in my yard already! See my little pot of spring tulips? and the books? both group gifts from FD decor…low prim and soooper pretty ! (the sandals are another new release from CandyMetal called “Tara”)




FD Decor