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A New Look.(Freebie).

This isn’t my usual look but this is how I’m going to spend the rest of the day as I mooch in SL.

I look like a proper little Church Mouse creeping in early to spy on the wedding.

A blouse and skirt from S@bbia, sorry I didn’t take a behind shot as this blouse has a lovely ribbon detail at the neck.  Can be worn as separates as well but they only come in the 1 size.

PS.  Normally if I don’t mention anything else I’m wearing or using it’s because it wasn’t free or it’s an old gift that might but still be out BUT I’ve just checked and this amazing set of books with a hand holding pose is STILL only 10Lds and it’s not the only super cute bag/accessory starting from as little 0Lds and quite a few for a Dollarbie and a few bags/wearables in this style.  I’m just about to TP over to the in-world shop to see if they’re also there or if they’re just on the Marketplace and I’ll add the update if needed.




When I went to grab this freebie from Xtravagance there were more AV’s there doing the same than there is on the Arcade’s opening day lol.

Obviously, I’ve gone a bit OTT on the effects but I stumbled upon this sim still in the middle of winter and I swear there are snowmen here as well.

A really lovely Barbe pink dress with top quality texturing so even if you’re not a “Barbie girl” you will still be happy to have this in your invent.

All mesh bod and non mesh bod fits.  I’m going to have a wander around this sim before I TP back to the Xtravagance shop for a better look around but if I remember correctly you just click and buy for zero Lindens.


Time for lunch and The Greasy Strangler(Special Discount offer).

Yup I’ve got 2 films lined up for today “Attack of the Lederhosen zombies” and also “The Greasy Strangler” as you can tell I have a deplorable taste in films but sometimes the tawdry can be fun.  As it happens I’ve already seen The Greasy Strangler and if you like ugly Dicks then this is the film for you.

A couple of posts ago I did a quickie on a special offer and that offer will be up today so today is the day to get this offer.

You WILL have seen products from this shop such as these roses are being used everywhere in shops and as sim decor because not only are they seriously pretty they’re seriously LOW PRIMMED!

All of those pretty roses and the light dots=1 PRIM!

Same with the curtain.

And because they’re only 1 prim I went copy crazy.

At only 100Lds a pack they’re pretty darn reasonable but for a limited time, today, if you leave a review for the items you purchased on their Marketplace shop and then drop the details to  Sakusuki Solo you get a 95% REFUND which turns these from a bargain price to cheap as chips.

Here is the link to my origional post so you can see the notice that came for this offer plus the link to the Rainbow Puke MP shop.

PS of course there is a lot more choice in the flower colours etc

Original Post for Rainbow Puke Offer

Rainbow Puke Marketplace Shop

It’s started! (10Ld Group Gift’s & Mention of a Freebie).

I’m talking about  glitter pooping and protest dry heaving, anyone with cats will know that as soon as the decorations are up they have to try to eat them which results in some very interesting poop.  The dry heaving is my oldest cat who doesn’t like any sort of change, God knows a new cushion is enough to make him heave so can you imagine what he’s like at the moment with all the decoration that is going up…Oh, Joy!

Oooo I love this Group Gift from Belle Epoque BUT you will have to join the Teleport Hub group and that costs just 10Lds.


Just makes such a great decor item.

There are 4 gifts at Belle Epoque at the moment and I know I’ve shown you the umbrella before but not the lovely fat hair bow so you might want to check them out.  The Belle Epoque group costs 10Ld to join and you will find those GG’s on the wall in front of you just to the left BUT if you wan this lovely Candelabra then you will have to join the Teleport Hub Group which is also just 10Lds and the group invite is right above it.  Next to this gift is another gift and it’s a dress, you will have to join yet one more group but this is a FREE one.  Again the group invite for the dress group is above the picture.  These Gifts are to be found on the wall to your right when you go into the Belle Epoque shop.

Why am I not showing you the Freebie?  Because it’s LAVENDER! Urgh one of my least fav colours in the world so as soon as it rezzed on me I stripped it off. It’s actually a very stylised Kawaii dress and pretty it’s just the colour!

PS These gifts are delivered in super cute little jam jars with no floating letters above them and the make super 1 prim decor items even though they have 10prim quality.

Belle Epoque

More to come, Fun Hunt.

Faith and I both love this regular Hunt and although the shopping sim looks as though it’s had a bit of a change you’re still looking for a cat called, actually not sure if he has a name other than “Ninja cat”.

In this picture I’m not wearing any of the hunt items basically because I couldn’t find any but I’ve only just gotten a few streets into the shopping sim and I couldn’t help myself and I scored a few fun Gacha items, the cat costume and a bath in the shape of a whale, the glow is from wearable glow sticks I won from one of the many lucky Boards in the shops here and you get a dance move in with them.


But don’t walk past any shop without the hunt sign outside because not only is there oodles of Lucky Boards but lots of very interesting and kawaii fun things.

So all in all a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Kiyomizu Autumn Hunt


OH Babyyyyy (Freebie).

I’m think this is described as a dress but it’s so eye watering short I say it’s a top.  Called “Jelly Dress” from a shop called “Nightmare” and it sure as heck isn’t a nightmare it’s a cutie. It’s not that clear in this picture but the halter top has a touch of sheerness which allows a cheeky nip slip but not so much you will be banned from a mod sim lol.


And as soon as I put it on I knew exactly what I was going to team it up with and fortunately they’re still set out as a gift.  It’s a knicker/bra set which can be worn as separates or together.  They came out a couple of years ago but people are still TPing over to grab them because they’re quality and even if you already have a pair of jeans or shorts to go with this “dress” still pick up the Blueberry gift.  With the texturing and big colour hud a very handy item to keep in your invent. I still had this set in my invent but I TPed over to make sure they’re still there and I’m going to assume the Group is still free and there is also other GG’s but as far as I can see nothing new to me but if you remember from my an old post of mine there is a full house winter house set in its own sky bubble which was and still is an amazing freebie.

OK Nuff waffling, again.  Bye for now.



SL Randomness.

Got a notice from Love soul that a new item has been added to their Lucky Booths so I TPed over to stand there and as I waited for my luck to turn up I sorted through my notes.


Sadly although I won a lot of the lovely wearable food items and as I stood waiting for my lucky letter to come up it didn’t come up on one of the hairs, this is the new design.  You can just about make it out on the board as far as I could see there is a couple of shades on offer and of course I want the Pond Weed colour.   I’m showing you the Lucky Booths which make a nice difference from the standard boards, chairs etc.  You don’t need to join any group and when your letter comes up you sit on the booth and end up behind the counter ready to serve as your prize is sent to you.

There are 3 booths and they’re dotted around the shopping square.  I just plonk myself in the middle and as I’m working through my notes I just cam them waiting for my letter to come up.



Once I’d decided to give up on trying to win a wacky hair I had a try of a Wacky Gacha and I emm won this costume.  Sadly I didn’t learn my lesson and splashed out another 30Lds and won another….tube of food! At least it wasn’t the joke jock strap LOL and yes I would have worn that to show you.

However I did spot that a well know oldie gift is still out in one of the shops.  I don’t have enough time to scrollllllll back through my Flickr pictures to show you it and I’m too lazy to model it but it’s a super cute, girly, Kawaii, frilly, pastelly,sweet, mesh dress.  It was a massive hit and tbh has aged pretty well.  I’m not going to tell you which shop it’s in as this is a small shopping area, laid out in a simple square with a few kookie things, some bargains and one of my FAV clothes shop! So I can really recommend that if you have some spare time to kill then this is the place to kill it.

PS I have a feeling that the LM will take you directly inside the larger  Love Soul shop which is well worth a visit but if you just want the Lucky wins or to wander around till you find the Free Dress, plus there might be more freebies but I wasn’t paying much attention, then just walk outside the shop.

Sorry couldn’t help myself but when I TPed inworld to LM grab I click on something I liked and then TPed to the next LM to hopefully find the next freebie/quality item just to find myself a sad little tube of Wasabi just wandering a desolate SL land.


Love Soul