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Another old friend. (Freebie & Dollarbie).

I did pick these shoes up from the Amacci Marketplace shop for 1Lds, I suspected that if the inworld shop was still up and running they would be there for 0Lds and I was right.

I’ve had these shoes in my invent for years and they’re as lovely now as when I first picked them up. They have that excellent Kawaii/plastic look to them and a hud as well which allows you colour swop.

I will put the link to the Marketplace as well as the inworld shop as since they’re just 1Ld you may want to treat yourself to something that you can unpack as soon as you log inworld instead of having to TP to the inworld shop.

I do believe there is a couple of other freebies in the inworld shop and you can buy one of the old Group Gifts for only 25Ld and I was tempted.

This skirt is definately a Marketplace purchase only as the inworld LM seem to take you to a dance event, which looks pretty busy if you feel in the mood for a dance.

It’s another Dollarbie and you get 2 shades, this blue (the editing has made it a bit of a warmer blue) and I think the other shade is pink. Just a nice simple pastel skirt with enough folds to give it movement and the finishing touches such as the sewing marks to make it look like quality.

Since this skirt is pretty short you will need a “Coochie” cover and I had picked one up which I’m not going to model for you as although it does cover my blushes it’s still too close for comfort for a close up lol.

Amacci. (Marketplace Dollarbie).

Amacci. (Inworld Shop Freebie).

KY. (Skirt Marketplace).

ConTrato. (Marketplace. Cute Teddy Coochie Cover).

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It’s Sweater Time! (50Ld Group Gifts & Mention of Freebies)..

I joined the Loki group a long time ago just to grab this super kawaii sweater and so this is a reblog.  The group only costs 50Lds and this gift alone was worth it.  I know there is a hud of colours, maybe about 8.  There are other paid-for group gifts which are also lovely but as far as I can tell the older gifts such as this sweater are a Maitreya fit and the newer ones are Maitreya and Legacy.

Obviously, this one will fit most mesh bodies.  And yes it is one of those designs where it looks as though you have your hands tucked into the pocket.  You simply Alpha out your arms and hands or in my case remove my hands.

The PJ bottoms I’m wearing are a Lucky Board gift from Loki and sorry only for Group Members.

Never fear as there is a small selection of free for all gifts and although I didn’t see anything new it may be new to you.

PS.  I have another Kawaii Sweater which was a Gacha win, I’m going to check I still have it and I may do a post about that next..or soon.


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Kawaii Treats. (sokawaiisunday).

Blimey it’s already been a week has passed since the start of the new “sokawaiisunday” weekly discounts and yet again I caved into temptation.  Last week I treated myself to that ethereal floating dress and this week it was these wall-mounted Goldfish bowls.

I’ve obviously I took this picture in the shop I promise you for only 65Lds and 2 prims I snapped them up and then I made the mistake of going through the door you can see in the background and I bought myself yet another washing line! Only 99Lds and if it’s as nice as the picture and hopefully low prim then I’m looking forward to putting that out somewhere..I might show you it as an update when I can log back inworld.

I didn’t see any Group Gifts, not that I looked very much for them, but where you land there are some Lucky Boards with quality prizes.  I do recognise them esp the oversize wardrobe/backdrop.

Sorry I don’t have the LM for the Lagom shop but I will add that on as soon as I can.

PS.  There is plenty of variety of bargains on the sokawaiisunday list so if you’re into clothing, nails or decor it’s all there.

UPDATE: I popped in to unpack the 99Ld washing lines.

This larger one is 11 prims, deceptively simple as when you look at it closely it has pretty pegs and little flowers decorating it, you can even see a couple of the petals on the ground.

This second one is the one I really wanted as I think I can use it inside as much as outside.

You can also see a lot better the pretty little decorations as well in this version.


“sokawaiisunday” blog (for pictures and Landmarks).

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Sci-Fi or Kawaii? (10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift & Mention of Freebies(?)).

This dress is made of a texture that looks like the finest satin or some sort of metallic cloth.

Not sure how I’d class this dress, maybe it’s a bit more Kawaii than Sci-Fi as it does have a lovely bow at the back and Sci-Fi isn’t known for its love of bows and frills.

This is a TeleportHub gift from a shop called Pink Mango.  There are other gifts but I couldn’t seem to get them as either the Group invites weren’t working or my computer had decided to be stroppy.

PS.  When I was LM grabbing the group invites for the other gifts do seem to be working and so I know the Pink Mango Group costs 15Ld and if I’d had time I’d liked to have shown you that dress as well.  I’m guessing some of the groups on the wall are Free to join.

Pink Mango

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Ignore my mitts! (Freebie(s)).

Sorry, the hat on my head is not the freebie it’s the one I’m holding.  I was hoping I could edit this amazing Mina hat/hair so I could reuse the hair to show off this stunning Kawaii cowboy hat but I couldn’t so I’m holding it in a most unflattering pose for my hands lol.

The hat and the top I’m wearing come from “Sweet Thing” and there are other Group Gifts as well as some lovely Lucky Board prizes.

On my return visit to LM grab, I took a little wander around and I’m loving way too many of the outfits! The “Wanderlust” discount was very tempting but it was when I got to the Gacha’s and I just had to give it a go and I’m more than happy with what I won.

PS. The hat is only 2 prims so a great decor item and it does come with a decent-sized Hud.

Sweet Thing.(Turn left in the shop).

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It’s getting hot in here! (Freebie(s).

First the freebie then the waffle.

This has turned into a very handy pose as this new gift only comes in a Maitreya/Legacy fit and if you squint you can just about make out the dreaded neckline! Now ignore the neckline and quint your eyes on that lovely bikini. Shame it only comes in either a Maitreya/Legacy fit but that’s only because I now use my Legacy body when I have no choice.

You may just recognise the plushie I’m holding as that is the delivery box that  PCP, Pink Cream Pie uses. I would have sworn that it was a paid-for group but for now, at least it’s FREE and if you head on upstairs you can find not just and other recent gift but also 3 boards which will give you ALL of the past 3 years worth of gifts.  I’ve tried a few on and they do come in more fit options.

I will probably do an UPDATE to this post but I want to check something out first.

Here’s the “UPDATE” yes there is a hunt going on but it’s not a free one.  I found one of the hidden plushies which is what you’re looking for and it’s priced at 99Lds.  If you want to see the prizes for this hunt then on the wall behind the receptionist is a picture of the 4 prizes.

PCP. Pink Cream Pie.

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Tooing and Frooing. (Free Hunt).

A notice came through from one of my groups about a hunt going on on the “The Sign Sim”.

It took me a while to work it out but simply put there are 11 permanent shops on this sim and now there is a small market/stall/booth area and some of those have a hunt gift for us to find and this is where the “Tooing and Frooing” comes in.

As you can see from this picture at the top right is a “Hunt Booth” sign and only the stalls with this sign on them have a hunt prize out for us.  The rules of the hunt are slightly different between each stall, but basically, as in this case with the Nomi shop you click the board, TP to the shop, find the pink ticket, TP back to this stall, wear that pink ticket, click the board and the prize is sent to you.

And this is the prize which was well worth the TPing. It is a “one size fits all” so I guess that means it’s a Maitreya fit. You get the fatpack and skirt/blouse can be worn as separates.

I’m so looking forward to returning to this hunt and shopping sim as it looks like it has a lot of interesting shops on it for me to check out and if I can score some freebies along the way even better.

UPDATE: I’ve had a little bit more of a look around this event and a couple of things have cropped up.  Firstly in this case to TP to the Nomi mainshop if you put your pointer over the writing under the display picture you get the “sit” option and this is how you TP to the mainshop.  The other stalls have the more recognisable LM pins.  The other thing I noticed is that there are more stalls than you think so keep on walking to check them all out.

The Sign