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Barbie Pink. (10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

It’s a nope for me because although I don’t mind some shades of pink this “Barbie” pink is not my cup of tea and added to that not my SLink preferred size it’s straight into the “Trash” BUT got to love those ruffled edges and there is a hint of sheerness.

I won’t judge you if you live a Barbie girl life in SL and this outfit is right up your street then I’m happy.

Usual mesh fits and separates AND if it gets you to join the TeleportHub group to grab this goodie then it’s worth it.  Again it’s one of the groups I remain in as I’ve found some really nice stuff through this group.

You will find this in the “Enigma Apparel” shop and there are other gifts both free and cheap in the same area as this gift.

Enigma Apparel.