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Sunday morning chores

Kawaii NEW

I popped to the bakery in real life early this morning, then popped to the Kawaii Project when I got back. I even managed to find a little bag of pastries there yay! The bag of treats are by Tentacio, and come with a pose for arm and hand – sweet! My ultimate bargain is the outfit by [Dami] – it’s an all in one kinda deal and only $69L a pop on the gacha – I scored on the first go with a rare, but stupidly hadnt tried the demo on and got a size small. Despite endless fiddling with my Slink Physique HUD I couldn’t get it to fit – anyone want it?, its free – just ask. Anyway I fought on and bought another three, all different and the medium size is perfect. Ooooodles of cuteness there, go see.

The Kawaii Project

Argrace hair Seri

Shoes by [Breathe] @ IDK

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Kawaii Fair !

Kawaii Fair - StrawberryJam purr tattoo FREE! LavandaChic Bikini Kawai FREE! Al Vulo Aisha skin 70L (worn with MOCK cool summer glace makeover)

So so so love going to the annual Kawaii Fir, it’s all playful and people are bubbly and fizzy with happiness…PLUS…there’s always heaps of fun & gifts! Everything I’m going to show you here was either free or 1L – 10L (mostly 1L or free though) My meshtastic pink bikini is just awesome…fits like a glove with no gapping…and well…its PINK…it was a gift from LavandaChic (10L) verrrry glad I picked it up. Fell in lurve with the tattoo by StrawberryJam, I’m not overly big on tatts tbh, but this is sooper cute, just 10L…my skin is by Al Vulo and is at The Dressing Room Fusion (round 10), just 70L bags you this beauty, I added a makeover layer by Mock Cosmetics (Cool Summer glace) and loved the effect.

Kawaii fair  Chibi Sekai store free outfit leeli - Modish 1L skin Lotus East

As I was power moochin (always in a rush) I grabbed a couple of free gifts from a store I hadn’t seen before, so wasnt sure what to is called  Chibi Sekai. The outfit is thee sweetest ever mesh romper suit in denim, comes complete with a tshirt and the darling little pair of sneakers, theres another outfit there also for free, equally as lovely. Always great if you can nab a gift to try out a designer you don’t know, with the quality of these, I’ll certainly be back for another look. My skin is a dollarbie from Modish at the Kawaii Fair, named “Lotus east”, totally fab and such a gorgy pale tone.

Kawaii fair Forvevr Young Kawaii gym outfit free - Modish Lotus East 1L skin

Last up for today is this little outfit from Forever Young, the Kawaii gym shorts and top, my necklace was also a free gift from MDL..more to come later I’m sure !

The Kawaii Fair

Dressing room Fusion event

Mock Cosmetics

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Special promo !

o.O..another special promotion from Stars Fashion Mall…and this is a dooozy..”Madness Stars” is the name and for another few days its available for only 99L…and YES…you get everything you see me wearing above…mmhmm..the boots..mesh jacket (which is superb and has the funkiest design on the back) socks..dress..bargain !

Close up…just to show you the jacket and my sooper little necklace from the Kawaii Fair..its a freeb..and if you click lets out a pufff of lemony perfume ! By Cute Bytes..sweet …

Stars Fashion Mall

Stars Fashion promo outfit market place

Kawaii Fair

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Awww Kawaii

ArisAris perked my interest for the Kawaii 2012 Fair..Ive tried twice to walk around but it’s just soooper busy! Anyyywayyy…Arisaris have this delish *amusing daisy* outfit for just 10L for you…its full of daisies…and redness ! I adore the lacey red mesh tank…scrummy…the glasses are  a gifty and have options for on the head or on yer face …

They also have this darrrling pink onion balloon dress out as a 10L steal…its mesh yay! Love the colourful bows at each side..I snagged the heart leggings off the market place last night for the princely sum of 1L from “one store”, they’ve got lotsa colour options in these babies…deffo grab them as they handydandy! The ladybird headphones are also Arisaris, only 10L cute!

I will try again to walk unmolested by the lag-monster and bring you more news later !

Arisaris at The Kawaii Fair

one store pink leggings