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Has Your Aunty Arrived Yet?

Kauna Winter Sweater 1 Final

Christmas is nearly upon us folks! Because of that, for the December cycle of Fameshed, Kauna has released this set of seasonal jumpers. Now, when I see knitted sweaters at Christmas time, I immediately envision someone’s Aunty sitting in her rocker with needles in her hands, working away at some new oversized garment. No offense to anyone’s Aunty, but these particular jumpers are much, much cooler than that!

Kauna Winter Sweater 2 Final

Check out the knitted texture on these babies, so good. The pack features a range of patterns (I love the penguins!) and the mesh has three different sizes to choose from so you can’t go wrong. These have also been released for you ladies as well so you can head out to Fameshed and pick up matching His and Hers knitted sweaters…on second thought, maybe just wear two different patterns each instead.

This pack of super winter jumpers can be yours for the price of L$299, all you need to do is jump on down to the Fameshed event and pick them up. Thanks Ross!

Get the gear here: Kauna

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They’re (still) coming to get you

Oh did you think you were safe? Did you think just because the calender might say that it’s November that Halloween was over? Well friends, I’m here to show you that the spooky holiday goodness from some of best men’s mesh fashion designers was too big to be contained and has spilled out of it’s October date.

Firstly, FATEwear have an amazing range of some of their brilliant gear in Halloween colours. Above you can see both the Hei shirt and Marshall jacket in their limited edition Halloween colours which look absolutely fabulous to tell you the truth. I’m partial to the Hei shirt because I’m just a fan of orange shirts like that, it just looks so, so good. Check out the creases and shading on both – fantastic. Perfect for strolling through your local cemetery.

Last but not least from FATEwear is the Vince shirt in its Halloween finest. Lovely striped design and just such a cool, casual look. As always with FATEwear, the mesh fits wonderfully and there are five different sizes to choose from.

These are only three of five of the special Halloween colour editions you can grab for now at FATEwear. Of course you could just grab the whole spookily priced FATEpack for L$666 which sounds like a good idea to me.

I have one last bit of bony brilliance to show you before calling it a day: This skeleton jumper from Kauna can currently be yours for absolutely nothing! Oh yes, you heard me right, absolutely zero is the price. It’s a gorgeous knit jumper in great-fitting mesh and the skeleton design is just to die for. It’s one of two gifts that you can grab down at Kauna right now but I’d advise that you be very, very swift about it. I don’t think they’ll be there long!

Get the gear here:
Hei Shirt, Vince Shirt & Marshall Jacket: FATEwear
Skeleton Jumper: Kauna

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Famished for this

FaMESHed is such a great concept. So much meshy goodness stuffed into one place from so many cool designers. It’s definitely a place to winnow away some lindens every month but so worth it.

Featuring some awesomeness at FaMESHed is one of my favourite designers: Kauna. This month they are offering this brilliant Military Jumper and Camo Trousers. The trousers are available in a range of colours and look so good. The design is perfect and the sharp crease on the legs just catches my eye for some reason. Another handy little feature is that the belt that comes with these is also colour changeable via a cool, easy to use HUD.

Speaking of HUDS, the one that comes with the Military Jumper is a doozy. Everything on this seems to be colour changeable: the main colour of the jumper, the elbow pads, the shoulder pads AND the three shoulder straps are all able to be changed individually to their own colour so you can go absolutely bananas with the combinations here. Aside from the fun you can have with the HUD, you can see from the pic that this is a gorgeous looking jumper. The texture is wonderful, creased and shaded in all the right places to make it look oh so comfortable.

As you can see, a visit to FaMESHed is definitely worthwhile just for this gear by itself (though there are lots, lots more to be seen).

Get the gear here: FaMESHed

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All Tied Up in a Neat Bow

Now that I’ve got my new RL home set up (well, kinda anyway) I can return here finally to show you some of the new additions you can pick up for your awesome Kauna two-piece suit.

As you can see above you can now grab the mesh ties in funky, colourful new striped versions plus matching handkerchiefs for the breast pocket of the suit jacket, adding a bit of cool style to your look.

As you can see, with the bright new colours along with a polka dot pattern, you can easily liven up this classic grey suit with white shirt and bow tie combination. There are a huge range of colours for the ties, bow ties and handkerchiefs and both come in the striped and polka dot patterns as well as plain. The mesh also comes in three different sizes so you should have no trouble finding one that fits.

So, as the options keep building for this amazing suit, you should definitely head down on Kauna today and see what combinations you can come up with for yourself and have fun experimenting!

Get the gear here: Kauna

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Stuff your ‘Robe

If you’re anything like me then you don’t fancy the idea of always wearing a black or white shirt underneath a suit coat. Don’t get me wrong, black and white shirts are awesome and I would never toss them out completely,  I just like having options is what I’m saying. To help with that, Kauna have just released a heap of bright and brilliant coloured versions of their mesh shirt that can be worn with the 2 piece suit I’ve blogged previously. If you can’t find a favourite colour to wear under this suit (or simply by itself), I’ll be very surprised.

This shirt comes in 4 different versions (with three sizes for each) two that are meant to be worn with the suit and two that can be worn all by themselves. As you can see, they are fantastic-looking shirts that are just so well made. At L$249 each, they are a great bargain with which to add some colour to your wardrobe. You can also pick the new set of ties that can be worn with these shirts while you’re down there’s yet another reason to get yourself down to Kauna and check it out!

Get the gear here: Kauna

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Grey Havens

You might remember that not too long ago I blogged a fantastic mesh 2 piece suit from Kauna. Well, now he has it in this super grey colour.

This is still an awesome-looking suit with fantastic details which I think stand out even better in grey than they do in black. The creases on the trousers are especially well done. Included with this suit are: two versions of the jacket – one with black buttons and one with white – in three different sizes, four versions of a crisp white shirt – one to be worn with the jacket and tie, one to be worn with the jacket unbuttoned and the two others can be worn without the jacket. You also get the gorgeous trousers in two versions: one with a coloured belt and the other with a leather belt as well as a professional-looking grey tie.

Phew, that’s a lot of gear you get with this suit and that’s not including all the added extras you can purchase to make it look even better like different shirts and tie packs (like I’m wearing in the first picture). You also get (yes, there’s still more!) a HUD with this suit that lets you change the colour of the jacket trim and the coloured belt.

For this suit jam-packed full of awesomeness, it will cost you L$799 and while you’re down at Kauna you should definitely wander around the store and check out the super cool mesh menswear he has on offer.

Get the gear here: Kauna

PS: The tablet that you can see in the two pictures above is a freebie from Kal Rau that I came across on the marketplace. It is very, very cool. The pose is built-in and you can also change the display to a number of different options. You can grab it here:

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This’ll Suit You

In my quest to find an awesome mesh suit, I travelled to Kauna and found it…somewhat. I had to make one more stop at the FaMESHed event to be able to get this oh-so-amazing piece of clothing. I was also super lucky enough to be sent all of the additional gear that can go along with the stock suit and there is a heap of that guys.

First off, the suit itself looks amazing, the jacket comes in either a black or white buttoned version while the trousers feature either a coloured or leather belt. Along with the jacket and trousers in the normal package you also get a classic plain white shirt and black tie, the white shirt also comes in an unbuttoned version. Each piece comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and they all look amazing, the detailing – creases and shading and such – are fantastic. Also included is a handy and easy-to-use HUD that enables you to change the colours of the jacket trim and the coloured belts on the trousers, I thought this was a pretty cool feature that I had fun using to match with ties and shirts etc.

The shirt and tie you see me wearing in the first picture and this shirt just above are all available separately and can be worn with the two piece suit. I am a huge fan of stripey, colourful shirts and these ones just look sensational whether worn with the suit or just the trousers. As classical as it is, why settle for just white when there are five different colours you can buy and they also come in the same three sizes and different versions as the white shirt. The pack of additional ties are also awesome, including 8 colours in three different sizes to fit perfectly with the shirts and jacket.

At the moment the Two Piece Suit, black shirt and tie pack is only available from the FaMESHed event but I would definitely recommend you head on down there and grab this because it is just so, so good. The suit will cost you L$799, the black shirt is L$299 and the ties will just set you back L$149. The other shirt colours can be picked up from the Kauna mainstore for L$269. For a suit and additionals this good, the prices are definitely worth it. Thanks Ross!

Get the gear here: