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Yes Miss.

I popped into Junbug to see if there was a tasty new GG out (Group is not free to join) and whaaa nope.  No new group gift but I spotted this and decided that it was so worth splashing the cash.


Kashka (juno.mantel) is the owner of Junbug and Junbug is one of only a handful of SL shops where I buy for my own personal use.  Her amazing designs make me feel like…

I wear her clothes in SL just to feel like Amy. Lush fabrics, stunning gowns and seductive lingerie, some RP outfits and even everyday wear but all make you stand out from the crowd.  There are only a few shops in SL where when you’re wearing their clothes everyone knows where you got them from the designs and texturing are that uniqu.

This dress is a special because a massive 100% of what you pay goes towards a charity called “doitinadress” and I will pop the link at the bottom but don’t panic if you’re on a limited budget because you have 4 price options, 250, 300, 350 or 400Lds and as I said ALL of the money goes towards this well deserving charity.  I chose the blue even though it’s my least fav colour because it’s not often I come across something in blue that I love and tbh I had stood there so long dithering over which colour to pick I think everyone else must have thought I had crashed.

Although she occasionally has a special offer out such as a FLF she doesn’t do it too often so RUSH over because if you turn left into that side of her shop she actually has a full outfit on offer for only a token 30Lds.  I have tried again and again to get a picture of it but SL seems to have conspired against me today and I’ve failed to take any pictures of it but again at 30Lds and this is shop quality I’m sure you can afford to try it out.