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Boxing Clever

.:Karma:. is such a cute store. They sell some super fabulous gear and also, if you join their group, you can pick up lovely group gifts like the one Faith and I are sitting on above. This months gift is called ‘Simple Moments’ and it really is. It consists of three sculpted boxes, two for sitting on and the middle one, as you can see, has a lovely, well-made setting with a couple of glasses of wine and a candle all lit and ready for a romantic ‘simple moment’. The seating animations in the boxes are quite good as well.

If you’ve never been down to .:Karma:. before, I definitely recommend a trip to check out their sweet items and you absolutely must join the group while you’re there so you can get access to cool gifts like this and those to come.

Get the gear here: .:Karma:.

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We’re on the Fence

Sitting out in the fresh air, under the cool shade of a huge tree, snuggled up and watching the world go by. Doesn’t that sound like a good way to spend a Sunday? I think so and Faith agreed with me so we shared this new group gift from .:Karma:., the Lover’s Fence and snapped a pic to show you all (well, Faith snapped the pic, I just sat and watched). I told you last month that you can get awesome group gifts from .:Karma:. and she has proved me right this month with this. Beautifully made, the fence has some lovely couple-y poses in it for your enjoyment, they really are so nice. The tree and sign you see in the background are also part of the gift, but are separate from the fence just in case you’re light on prims. As you can see how brilliant this group gift is, I don’t think I need to recommend that you guys join the group again do I?

By the way, the shorts you see me wearing in this picture are a cool new release from SF Design, the camouflage shorts with belt. I’ve got the brown colour on here but you can also get these in blue. I love the camo design and the texture on these, they look fantastic. They also come with what is still my favourite belt – the canvas belt with less hips. Just one of 4 versions of the belt you’ll find inside, so if you’re like me and you struggle to find a belt that fits right, you won’t anymore with the belt that come with these super shorts.

Thanks for the great pic Faith!

Get the gear here:

Lover’s Fence: .:Karma:.
Camouflage Shorts with belt: SF Design


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Have a Seat

Generally I’m not much on furniture collecting, I usually leave that in the capable hands of others. I just don’t really trust my own taste when it comes to home decorations. So, when Faith told me that .:Karma:. had a brilliant piece of furniture out for a group gift, I was pretty sure it would be good as she knows what she’s talking about.

Turns out that she was 100% right about this chair. After I joined the group, I snapped this up and took a look. It’s called the ‘Gentlemans Lounge Chair’ and it is pretty super. It’s part mesh so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to bask in its goodness. It comes with 3 male sitting animations and is suitably decorated with a newspaper and a glass of beer. Seriously, you can’t get much in the way of the perfect guy’s chair if you ask me. Aside from its wonderful male appeal, it really is a well made piece of furniture. The textures just look clean and smooth, which is just my kind of decor.

If you guys are interested in getting hold of this awesome chair, I’d be fast getting down to .:Karma:. as it will no longer be a gift soon. If you do miss out however, I’d still join the group as the new month will bring new gifts and if they’re as good as this, then you’re guaranteed to be pleased.

Get the gear here: .:Karma:.

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Monday Mania at SF Design is back for 2012 yay! Today they have this super pack of t-shirts for guys and girls.

They are called ‘plain’ but don’t let that throw you, these are some really good shirts. Personally I think a good t-shirt is worth its weight in gold as you can do so much with them.

These shirts come in five different colours: black, brown, red, purple and blue. They come on all layers so you can play around with them in whatever style you choose and like I said, they look really good, with nice creases and shading. I like the way the hem on the jacket layer is slightly uneven, giving it a cool look.

The female version of these shirts is a little different to the guys with a lovely scooped neck and a hint of cleavage (always good!).

As always, these shirts will only cost you L$25 for today only and you can pick them up at this price from the Monday Mania boards inside the men and women’s casual sections of SF Design.

Haiii its Faithless here ! I just had to mention the Moody Monday item from Addiction that I’m wearing in the pics..its the “wise owl” necklace…owls are SO in at the moment and this little fella is adorbs…for today at only 55L ! I personally love a long chain…its very flattering, especially if you’re a big boobie girly like moi! Also must mention the gorgeous new group gift from Karma…its two items really..a pretty wishing well that would grace any type of garden…plus a rug that you can use with it or elsewhere…the rug has some sweet poses for couples aww…

Get the gear here: SF Design

Wise owl necklace: Addiction Jewelry

Wishing well & rug : Karma

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Get your Karma here

I had a note agesss ago telling me about the new group gift from Karma and epically failed to find time to go and it..until today! ohmaiigosh its a the box you will find this stunning Christmas tree with a decorating animation , the beautiful fireplace, also with a couples cuddly animation in the pillows, a lovely snowglobe, a nutcracker soldier and a seasonal photo frame (instructions in the box on how to personalise it) plus copyable gift boxes to scatter around under the tree..voila ! Instant Christmas yay! Karma Clarington is politely asking that if you enjoy this gift, you might like to make a donation to a charity, its called “Warchild”, here’s some info:

“War Child provides life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. Our vital work includes…

Providing medical care, sanctuary and counselling to girls who have been the victim of sexual violence.

Creating safe havens where children can escape the dangers of life on the streets after war has forced them to leave home.

Rebuilding schools destroyed by war and getting kids out of army uniforms and into school ones.

Helping children get their voices heard and their rights met, and helping local people to protect their children better.”

A landmark is provided in the box to make an inworld donation if you wish…I did..what a brilliant idea and a lovely thought..thanks Karma xx

Group gift: Karma

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Fold me up and show me the way

As you all know..I love gadgets…and furniture…soooo when Cleom Bailey put out a group gift that encompassed both..i was thrillllled!  It looks like a pretty garden chair…and it is…but…when you select the laying or sleeping animations the whole thing unfolds into a sun bed ! How cool is that *grins*…Its a classic blue & white stripe fabric that would fit with most garden or sun deck themes…ohhhh spot my sooper little compass? That’s a group gift from Karma ! Isnt it just a darling?…such a detailed piece and only 7 prims , so you could afford to leave it out as a decor item. Its made to celebrate the owner of Karma’s third anniversary in SL…so congrats to Karma Clarrington & thank you very much! (The I Love you wooden blocks are also from Karma as a free item)

Ahhh its been such a busy day…must be time for a lil catnap….thanks cleom xx

Go find your way: Cleo Designs        Karma


Sowing Seeds

Karma have a wonderful group gift out for July…its called “sowing seeds”, pretty animated pillow to kneel upon and a tray of seedlings that you’re tending…very well done and a perfect addition for your SL garden..

I popped outside to see more and stumblebumbled across another gift..the Hobo chic box room..the tv turns on & off…even the tiny candle extinguishes when you touch it…stufffed with heaps-o-poses, just sit and click! Thanks Karma !!

Go get gardening: Karma