Funny Bone

Always sure to make me chuckle..newness from T Junction !  Five a day..wine? Sure whyyyy not..

Combo of hot nights & insomnia this Tee kinda sums up my WORLD over the last two weeks !

Saved my fav till last..so damm cute, I’m wearing it right NOW ! As always all Tee’s are 75L a pop…heaps more instore…plus luckyboards & special discounts…whizzzz over today and grab some up! (also on the market place for gift giving) thanks Kalli x

Go get funny: T Junction                        (Hair by D!va – group members gift)


T Junction…the solution !

Limited edition Tee's 75L

I am SO behind with my Christmas shopping..thank LORD for T Junction ! You can get everrrrrything for those you adore in one place  hoooray! They have just placed out some limited edition T-shirts for guys & girls..all with naughty & nice slogans..Steve was wantin to advertise his uhmm…south pole and of courrrse Im nice not naughty…click the pics for a closer view !

Deck the halls & I put out for santa

my personal fav is the deelicious and so wearabubble grey marl girls tee “I put out for santa”..ohhh and Steve is SO rooood  !

Limited edition Tee's 75L each

Define naughty? erm..*squirms*

Limited edition T shirts 75L

Head over to the main store and have a snuffle about..its JAM packed with goodness. On the left as you go in are gifties for you from Kalli Serevi & Lauren Bisiani the owners & designers of T Junction, plus a couple of lucky boards anddddd a load of my fav classic T Junction Tee’s for just 10L ! Dont forget all items are NON transfer, so if you’re buying for a gift, grab them a gifty card instore orrrr buy on xstreet (see link below) All shirts come on multiple layers, you’ll also find bikinis & dresses-I DARE you not to find something that will make you smile !

Get Up the Junction : T Junction

Buy on xstreet here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search[category_id]=&search[keywords]=t+junction&search[mature]=0&search[mature]=1