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Coffee Break. (5Ld Gift’s).

A quick log inworld, for as long as it takes me to drink my big mug of coffee, has scored me some fine freebies or at least I hope they are as I’ve not unpacked them yet as a notice came out from Kaithleens for their latest Group Gift and I didn’t wait.

Heck yes!

Put quite simply, lots of fits, my fav colour, can be worn separately and is Kaithleen’s quality it doesn’t get better except it DOES because you get this day wear outfit and a sexy and yet still classy sheer romper and not forgetting that the older Group Gifts are still out for us.  Win, win and win again and only for a joining fee of 5Lds.

PS.  I’m such a numpty.  I know that there is a newer download for Firestorm but I would have sworn the one I had which was the last bar one download and was Baked on Mesh ready but it turns out it’s not lol.  So I’ve not been able to try it out as yet and TBH I’m now not sure I will bother as it’s not something you need and for me it’s not going to add too much to my SL life.

PPS.  I did mention that in the Free Marketplace Gift of a FULL BENTO MESH BODY post, thanks again to Dateless for the heads up, that there is a Hud which allows you to creep on the AV’s around you if you want to know what it is they’re wearing, I’ve used it a couple of times and spotted that it’s even better in that it not only shows you what they’re wearing BUT also gives you the LM to the shops they came from!  So I’m popping the link to that post as you may not be interested in the body but damn that’s a handy hud.

PPS. I will have to wait to show you the other freebies I scored as I’ve finished my coffee and my cats are busily reminding me I’ve forgotten to feed them…send help if I don’t post later!


Full Free Mesh Body, inc the Hud

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I fell for it! (75Ld offer & Mention of 5Ld Group Gifts).

I like to keep my pictures plainer so you can see what you’re getting but for this one I’m just going to have fun.

The reason is simply that you must try the demo version of this dress first to see if you like it but just like me I betcha fall for it.  The editing has bleached the details on but the shading used is just lovely anyhow try before you buy.

To buy this dress you have to go to the Marketplace Shop but to try this dress you have to go to the inworld shop.  Once I’d put on the demo I knew I’d have to have it.  It does come with panties as the skirt is very sheer but if you’re feeling a bit trashy then with the hud you can remove them.

For the dress I picked the gold colour but there are plenty of other shades available to buy.

While you’re trying the demo of this dress, next to the reception desk, check out the Group Gifts, only 5Ld joining fee, on the same wall as the entrance doors.  I did spot one dress which I know I’ve not blogged and I don’t think Faith has so maybe it’s new to you and there are other gifts but it’s the panties that I want you to get.

I have blogged these panties before as you get so many fits, a great colour hud etc but they have been recently updated and I’ve not compared the updated version to the old version but if you look closely I am wearing them in this picture and you can see a wrinkle in them which again adds to the realism, lots of fits and a lovely colour hud.

Kaithleens Inworld (For the Demo)

Kaithleens Marketplace (To buy it).

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“Don’t shut the f*ck up”. Freebie.

Kaithleen’s has a new survey out and if like me you bother to fill it in then this beauty is sent to you.

I would have sworn the Kathleen group wasn’t a free one but it’s set to zero and I hadn’t even noticed even though I am already in the Kaithleen group.

My only excuse is I get so many notes/notices etc a lot does get past me.  Anyhow JOIN now, go into the notices and you will see it there.  It’s a pretty standard survey questionaire and will only take you a couple of mins to tick a few boxes and if there is something special you would like to see then suggestions are positively accepted.

Blimey I hope everyone is having the opportunity of basking in this glorious sun and heat we’re having, yes I have a sunburn and since I’ve been gardening all day cuticles that would reduce a manicurist to tears.  I’ve slapped cream on both my face and nails but I think tomorrow I will hide indoors till I stop scaring people with my red face and have a bit of SL fun.  Till then don’t forget to slap something on or end up looking like an angry beetroot.

PS.  Since my SL time has been limited make sure to pop over to Kaithleen’s to see what freebies there maybe there.  I might just do that myself tomorrow.


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I don’t care! (Freebies).

I was trying to get into The Arcade and somehow ended up at FaMESHed which turned out to be really good for me as check this freebie out.

I know Faith has already done FaMESHed and we don’t like to reblog other peoples blogs but I scrolled through her post and I didn’t see this freebie and since it’s a Kaithleen’s I thought “sod it” and went for it.  As you all know I LOVE Kaithleen’s clothes and if I was a clothes buyer in SL I would have her whole shop in my invent.

The event is still HEAVING and after a few minutes and a lot of clacking into other AV’s I spotted the stand with all the gifties out for us and fortunately, the first one I click on was this and woohoo my fit as well.

We have till the 27th so I’m bookmarking this for a return visit, not just to check out the rest of the freebies but I couldn’t even walk around the demo platform because you may have worked out by now I’m pulling a properly decorated house out and not the usual shell with some random stuff rezzed.

PS. Nothing else in the picture was a freebie from this event, you may recognise a couple of items and some are paid for etc


Seraphim Blog (So you can see pictures of what’s on offer at the event).

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Forgive me.(Freebie).

I’ve been MIA in SL because of RL and now I’ve cracked that B*tch Whip and got RL all under control (just boring work stuff nothing panicky horrid things) and I’m back with a gift from one of my FAVOURITE sellers, Kaithleen’s.

I say “gift” when this is really a hunt item but if I found it you can find it and the hint given is “Fetch” and you don’t even need to go past the first entrance room to find it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kaithleens stuff but trust me if I was a big spender in SL I’d have her whole shop in my invent.  Her colours, textures and cheekiness make for some sweet and sometimes sassy outfits and this is one of the “sassy” with the nip slip and the pantie flash.

I took so many pictures of this dress to try to capture the essence of it, I took it with a purple backdrop, purple roses backdrop, purple roses and the purple backdrop, even with a bloddy purple heart rezzer but for some reason I hated each picture and then I realised that it’s because the fussy backdrops took away from the quality details of this outfit.  So I binned all of those pictures, logged back in and did these close-ups in my Nams setting so you can see for yourself the quality.

PS. Of course, not everything in Kaithleens has cheeky “nip slips” etc so if you like to keep your AV bits covered up you will also love this place.


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Fameshed Gifts!

Ohhh got to love a bit of free gift action ! Fameshed’s birthday is a real treasure trove of pressies – once you’ve done your shopping make sure to check them out. One of my favourite ones was from Kaithleens – this sheer shirt dress is luverly, with panties beneath your modesty is preserved! I splurged and bought myself the new Wasabi hair while I was there – love it !

And because I’m short on time but rich in freeb’s to share – this is the “oh-my-god-show-everything” photo – everything from the top of my head to my toes was a gift – including the plants and nic nacs. Home decor, clothes,shoes and LOTS of scrummy hair! The group is free to join and you do need to be in it to get your birthday treats ❤


Fameshed Cam shopping

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Pure Class.(Hunt Freebies).

I was so desperate to get my mitts on the Kaithleen’s hunt prize I actually cammed and scanned for about 45mins before I gave in and then I spotted a lady called Sia inworld and I know she’s a good hunter.  So I sent out an SOS and damn she is good although I have to say as soon as she pointed it out it was deffo a case of “DUH”.

As you can see it was well worth the SOS because just look at the stretch in the skirt, no distortion in the texturing and the folds at the hem just Kaithleen quality.

She always has such attention to the detailing.  This gift comes in all standard mesh sizes inc my SLink one..Woo Hoo I would have been royally PO’d if it hadn’t as I adore this shop and the clothing as she manages to make her clothes sweet and sexy with a touch of “cheeky” thrown in and all done in amazing quality.

Whilst you’re there check out the GG’s which are in the main entrance because although this isn’t a free group at 200Lds for I think it’s 5 or 6 outfits including a brand new one it’s an excellent investment and if it just wasn’t for the case of I already have some Kaitleen clothes which I never get to wear I’d join and snap them up in a heartbeat.

What I’m not showing you yet, I’m just waiting for the right look for it, is the Mina hair I picked up as well which is yet another prize in this excellent hunt.  This hair comes only in the black shade, Arwen is the name of the hair and since I have the full-colour set plus the group gift one which is dirtied with blood so I know the style well, it’s a short cute and young hair but I did notice that in the black it’s a bit edgier so it wouldn’t go as well with this dress as the hair I chose.

Since I know you will go and get the Mina hair I know you will be going to where the group gifts are, hint hint, so once you’ve picked up the hunt freebie check out the Mina Group Gifts.  I do believe her group is also just 200Lds to join and you get LOADS of hair for that.  There is also men’s hair as well as women’s hair but take them all because a lot of Mina’s hairs can be classed as being unisexed and look great on both sexes.


St Patrick’s Day Hunt LM’s & Hints