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My heart is for FREE.(Free hunt).

At first I thought I was too early as I couldn’t find a single heart but my desperation finally won me 3 of them.

I’m just showing you the top but I did manage to find 2 other hunt prizes and trust me they’re worth hunting.

The first hunt item I won, it’s a small simple heart you’re looking for, was labelled 12 so I know that there are at least 12 prizes if not more so I thought I’d log out and do a quick post because I will be making myself a large mug of coffee, having a pee, turning up the fire and nestling whist I hunt down the rest of the hearts because if what I’ve found so far is an example of the prizes I don’t want to miss the opportunity to add more to my invent.

PS.  I didn’t check but the Justice group was free and there are group gifts which I have blogged before so I won’t again but check those out as well.

WOO HOO, I’ve just found the link to the Justice blog and I will put the link to their hint page so that means I will be able to find all the goodies lol.

Justice. (Main Shop)

Justice blog. (Hints)

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Gonna keep this simple as RL has been super busy, super boring, super cold and basically not particularly”super”.

That means I’ve hardly SLed at all and I get withdrawal symptoms (a nasty little tick and a disturbing giggle) but the first thing I spotted when I logged in just to note grab is this catsuit from Justice and it was just too good not to go grab it.

Plenty of fits and plenty of Cheap B’s grabbing this at the same time as me lol.  The Justice group is free to join but you do need to pay a Linden to get it and the Linden is instantly returned to you.

PS. There is another GG right next to this new one and I did blog it and if you’ve not gotten it yet or missed that post then you’re in for another free goodie.


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Kim Kardashians Bum.(10Lds Gifties).

I went to Justice to pick up the Halloween themed leggings but it’s the top which is the keeper for me.

So I’m not showing much of the leggings esp the behind but it’s super curvaceous and would make ole Kimmie jealous.  You do get a 10 texture hud with these leggings and all but 2 have a Halloweenie(sic) theme and the other 2 are leaf patterns, I liked the brown leaf one myself.  Oddly enough the colours in the Hud are much brighter than they appear on the actual leggings.  Lots n lots n lots of mesh bod sizes and yes I’ve forgotten what sizes but I can assure you-you will find a fit.  Right next to the leggings is this simple strappy top.  A lovely fit, colour etc and the same fits as the leggings.

It cost 10Lds to join the “Justice” group.

I have to admit that when I go back inworld to LM grab I will be going the other way as I keep my mini map open and I spotted a lot of AV’s seem to be on the sim/shop next door so when I go in I’m heading right over there to have a good nosy around.

PS After you have joined the group, 10Ld, you pay 1 Linden to buy and the Linden is returned to you.