Spruce up your space

First time I’ve ever covered a “SUYS” item (that’s “Spruce up your space”) and what a way to start…Cleom Bailey designer & owner of Cleo Design let me snoop over her set , I have to say I’m awed. Above I’m just doing a little bit of needle point in the rocking chair..(you can also knit or just laze around ) All props are given to you by the chair..and its stuffed with great animations,darling little needlework basket is also in the set, as is the rug…not only this butttt.

ALL of this too! Isnt that just fahhhbulous??? Such great details on everything, texturing is beautiful..and the poses in each piece are  plentiful & wonderful! The whole set is just 150L,certainly a great deal to spruce up your space…but that’s not everything..no no no I’m not done..

Cleom also sent out  her subscribo members this sooper gift ..the bench has both male & female poses (read the notecard that explains how to get them) There are two mugs with choccy eggs in…plusss..

This deeelightful eggy chair, squillions of poses and colour change for the seat pad,it comes with the sun flowers too! *phew*…theres always lots going on at Cleo Designs…head on over and take a stroll…there are special offers..gifts..hunts galore..Happy Easter Cleom & thank you! p.s If you want my Easter sneakers..get them here for 1L https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VF-Sneakers-Bunny/2078147)

Go spruce up: Cleo Design


Chez Chic Hunt @ Cleo Design

Cleo Design's Chez Chic Hunt gift

Lord..another fantastic hunt ! We are sooooper spoilt lately..especially with the quality of the gifts designers are leaving out for us to find .

Cleom Bailey designer @ Cleo Designs told me about this hunt the other day..each hunt gift is just 10L and whoaaa her gift is incredible..you get everything in this photo (well except meeeee) The pretty couch has heaps of poses in each cushion, the ottoman has a couple pose also, even the rug has poses for you to lay around on ! The beautiful lamp actually does light up..did you see the wall decal? Its soooo lully with its tiny birdhouse hanging beneath big “awwwww” from me when I rezzed it . Love the side table with a handy bar of chocolate on it ,fav item is the small sideboard..because everytime I looked at it..I saw something else..the straw hat draped over one end..the babushka dolls…and more ! (all pretty low prim too hurrrah!)

Heres the info for you :

 This hunt, like the “Theres no place like home” Hunt from earlier in the year, features many of SL’s chic-ist and most talented vendors! Prizes in this hunt are 10L$ to receive, but trust you are receiving QUALITY, and High End items from the BEST! You will be looking for a small green, white and pink striped teapot. Hunt runs 4.1.11 through 4.30.11

go get a huntin: start point           cleo design