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“Just Because”

What a stunning gown.  I do love occasionally tarting myself up and swanning around SL like Lady Muck and not the RL greedy pig who ate a whole box of Baklava in one go…no regret.

Because most of my spending is for the sim and my home so to buy clothing it must either be something I can really use or as in this case such beautiful quality I just NEED IT and OMERGERD only 150Lds!!! In my eyes, that’s a freaking bargain.  The only struggle I had is which colour to buy so I plumped for this chocolate brown one.  You get a decent-sized hud but only to change the frills and you can wear the sleeves or not.

I know you will have either visited or are planning to visit the “Winter Shop and Hop” event and we all know of the amazing generosity with all of the free gifts but did you know that all of the shops have BIG discounts on offer?  So again this dress at this quality for only 150Lds is a STEAL!

PS.  I wish my RL could swan around like Lady Muck but sadly a blocked printer means that in about 5 mins yet again I will be wrestling and cursing printers!

PPS.  Sorry the LM won’t take you directly to the Just Because shop at the event.

Just Because@Winter Shop & Hop

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

“Just Because” I’m old! (Freebies).

I’m feeling old as I didn’t realise the shop “Just Because” is actually 10 years old now! The same can be said of some of the group gifts….MEOW!  However, I am NOT throwing any shade because I always think if it’s as good now as then it means that people of all SL ages can treat themselves.

So first a couple of the oldies and then the last picture is of a super handy top-quality basic dressy up dress.

I remember this dress coming out and it being grabbed and worn by everyone.  That grey has a metallic tone to it, I don’t mean it shimmers or anything like that but it just looks like woven metal.

I don’t really remember this sweater but since I’ve had and loved and binned so many sweaters I may have had it and just forgot about it. Again it’s just such top quality and when teamed with green, remember “red and green should never be seen” is the old mantra, I personally think they make an amazing contrast.  Sorry the jeans are NOT inc and I think are now back up to full price but I will check that out and pop an update on the end.

Last but not least is the newest and a Birthday gift.

A simple bodycon dress, I did a very similar one to this just a couple of posts ago because this is just such a classic and wearable design.  This one, however, comes with an excellent hud for many shades. When I log back in the first thing I’m going to do it pop on a couple of tops on to see if they will fit over this dress.

Damn it’s finally stopped raining in RL which I know should be a good thing but I’ve now not got an excuse not to clean out my greenhouse and it’s COLD outside and my inner cat is dreading it.

UPDATE: The jeans are not free but they’re on special offer for 50Lds. I bought these a while ago and they have turned out to be my “go-to” jeans as I LOVE the colour and shockingly enough even though they didn’t inc my SLink fit the Maitreya one turned out to be equally as good.

Also there is a whole wall of Group Gifts in the Amataria shop and at only 50Lds to join a great way to snag a lot of bargains BUT because I believe this shop doesn’t cater for my SLink fit I won’t be joining but you may just like what you see and of course you can treat yourself to some great jeans.

Just Because


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It’s all over.(Freebies).

Play on words here because this pose is from a pack titled “it’s all over” and I have to say it is for me, I’M FINISHED! I’ve done all my Christmas shopping, presents are sent, the house is twinkling, cards have been sent, work is finished, it’s all done and dusted I even took a little time off this morning to paint my nails in a lovely glittery silver polish.

So I’ve been MIA yesterday and this morning doing all of this only hopped inworld this morning to take a backup snap but I promise that I will be back in full swing tomorrow now I’ve got my RL sh*t together, woo hoo.

OK, the reason I had to do a quick inworld trip was because I wasn’t happy with the pictures of the brill Freebie from Just BECAUSE.


Although the picture is pretty enough it was so dark I ended up having to photoshop it a bit just to try to lighten it up but since I really wanted to show you how good the texturing is I decided to pop inworld and rezz my trusty pose cube and do a quick snap in my Nams setting only.


Add to the quality is the fact you get a Hud with this are the body, leggings and the straps can not only be worn as separates they each come with a small texture hud. 4 options for the top leggings and a few more for the strap and buckle.

The only slight downer is mesh bod only.  From what I can remember all the mesh bods are inc but no alpha for not mesh but don’t let that put you off because undoubtedly you will have one for these items in other clothing packs you already have so you just need to have a rummage in your invent and try someone.


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A hot, messy quickie ooeerr (freebie).

A not completely misleading title as my AV is pretty hot, there is a lot of mess on my platform and I’m doing this post pretty quickly so I can get back to trying to clean up my platform and sort my poor swollen invent!


As I was deleting stuff I came across an old item from “Just Because” which I had blogged previously and I decided, yet again, to stop what I was doing and haul ass to see if it was still set out and it wasn’t but in it’s place is this Free to join GG of a simple top.  The subtle stripe to the texture gives the impression of a jersey fabric, the flower is well drawn and the back is slashed to the waist line.

By the time you read this I will hopefully not only have packed up all my sh*t but also managed to bin stuff I don’t need anymore, plus you all know what that means?  Of course anything which is trans will be popped into it’s own folder and soon there will be an all free yardsale soon.

Just Because