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When the working day is over. (Freebie).

I still can’t resist logging into SL even if it’s just to check my regular shops and Voila, a NEW S@bbia gift.

Ignore the random bowl of flowers, it’s a pose/prop I’ve been dying to use for ages.

This outfit comes in 2 parts, the skirt and oversized blouse. Looking forward to logging back inworld tomorrow to try that top out over jeans.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Picture me nude!(Freebie).

The outfit is NOT the freebie!

I do actually buy clothing in SL, not as much as I used to because now all my money goes on our sim but I too love a great outfit and this !g0 one is one I’ve had for years and years and you guessed..years.

So it is not the freebie and of course, I’m wearing a Mina hair which means it’s the boots.

The editing has made the colour change, not by much.  I actually thought these boots were going to be black.  I’ve not taken a picture of the back of them and that’s where there is some detailed black lacing.

S@bbia which just like !g0 is one of my beloved labels.  The third easel has been removed so now there is just this and the other more recent boot that I’ve blogged and since Jury Gothly is so generous I can hardly wait to see what other new items will be put out for us.

PS.  The reason I changed outfits is that the jeans I was wearing were breaking though so I decided it was time to dress up instead of dressing down.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

A simple country life. (Free S@bbia).

You all know my feelings about the S@bbia shop so I won’t go on apart from saying this sweet skirt and blouse set soothes my soul.

Sadly the previous recent Group Gift shoes, which go perfectly with this outfit, are now gone but there is still another two new Group Gifts of which I have blogged.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s simply S@bbia. (Freebie & Lesson 101).

Yass, I’ve scored twice today first this NEW Group Gift from S@bbia and the second is that my fav backdrop shop is now back in business with a new LM.  So before I get distracted by new backdrops I don’t need and will never use but I just have to have I hopped over to S@bbia and I was so happy to see this NEW Group Gift.

Again a “one size fits all” outfit.  With the homemade look to it.  I’m just as happy to see that one of the med height shoes and the other outfit are still out.  The newer Group Gifts are always on the stands and on the wall to your right are some older gifts.

Now for the spammy bit.  Now that it has become a legal requirement to wear masks at least on transports and potentially shops and other places at a later date I’ve been sewing like I’ve never sewed before.  I’ve been using this youtube tutorial for making mine and it couldn’t be any easier and in fact, I’ve not even bothered to drag out my sewing machine and just doing them by hand as I watch Judge Judy.

Any old fabric does the job and it’s just so relaxing.

As the rules are relaxed I think we need to be even more vigilant to ensure that we and those we love remain happy and healthy…it’s a challenge and we’re all up to it.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Thats new. (Freebie@S@bbia).

I think this is the first time one of the S@bbia group gifts comes sleeveless and since you only get the one fit I was going to assume it may not be a good fit but I was wrong.

Again just a lovely simple dress with the S@bbia charm.  The “old” gift is still out, I’ve noticed that Jury Gothy seems to put out 2 gifts now which is super of her.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

S@biaaaaa!!!!!! (Freebie).

I missed my daily check-in at the S@bbia shop so I don’t know if this was put out yesterday or today but who cares as it’s a NEW Group Gift from Jury Gothy.

It’s the classic S@bbia style which is slightly sloppy, countrified with an almost handmade feeling to it. I think our reg readers may know of my love for this brand just because of that “handmade” look as I like many have many a pattern and a hoard of fabric with the full intention of creating something.

Anyhow, this outfit comes in 2 parts the blouse and skirt which can be worn as separates but if like me I’ve kept all of my S@bbia gifts and I betcha that that blouse will fit over a couple of the other gifted skirts etc.  Going to be fun trying them out later. The shoes are also a lovely addition to this Group Gift plus the fact that the older Group Gift is still out, a pair of fantastic go with everything shoes is just a bit more icing on the cake.

I almost forgot that if I showed you the back of the outfit you will see that there is a lovely bow/ribbon at the collar.

Don’t forget that on the wall to your right as you walk into the shop are some of the much older GG’s and they do suffer somewhat with time but there is a more recent gift of a round rattan bag…make sure to get it if you didn’t in the past.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

10 minutes turned into 190 minutes. (Freebie).

I underestimated how much RL work I had to do so my 10 min break took much longer than expected and nope I’m still not finished but at least I can take a work break with a clear conscience which turned out to be perfect timing as S@bbia has a NEW Group Gift out.

This outfit has an “omg” to it as I swear I have literally just dropped off something almost identical to this to a charity shop in RL.  The only differences between the SL and RL one is mine was grey and didn’t come with a belt.  The texturing on this is so good it looks just as itchy as the RL one, which is why it got dumped lol.