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I lied to Faith! (Freebie(s)).

The last thing I said in my daily Spam note to Faith was that I’m gonna log out and head off to the pool to get my exercises over and done with but of course, I had to do my almost daily S@bbia check and look what I, and the others who were there, found.

Absolutely love it and the skirt and scrunchy jumper come as separates.

The other group gift of boots is still there and I wear them all the time so make sure to grab those as Jury Gothly is so good at putting up 2 gifts for us each month and since the boots have been out for a few weeks make sure to get them as they just go so well with everything.

Ok, I’m definitely logging out to go and glug glug in the pool.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

It’s a start. (New S@bbia Freebie).

Finally my daily visits have paid off and I’ve got the new S@bbia Group Gift.

I actually grabbed it before I even looked at it properly so I was even more pleased that it has that underdress detailing to it. The boots are also a S@bbia gift and I have blogged them and they’re still out however get them now as they maybe changed soon.

As for the background some of you who read my last post will know I intended on going to a sandbox and unpacking and editing the superb build I’d bought from the Two Moon Garden shop in the hope I can pare the prims down. Not only did it turn out to be so easy to edit the bits I want to use but these 3, linked, ponds came to just 18prims!!! The ponds themselves are 15prims but you do need that gorgeous frosty animated effect on the top.

I’m so in love with this look I’ve ripped up my Zen Garden, it will be put back out next year, but when I log back in I will be off to !g0 for todays advent gift and then spending another relaxing afternoon editing the ponds into place and then working out what planting I want around them to blend them in.


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I got “booted”.(Freebie(s)).

I got half way around the 4 seasons event when the CLANG OF DOOM (sim restart) rang out so I had to think of somewhere else to TP to and thats when I remembered I’d not visited the S@bbia shop for a while, which is shocking as most readers of our posts know this is one of my fav shops that I visit at least twice a week.

So I was so happy that there is a brand new gift out for us.

Another brilliant gift from Jury Gothly, she really does spoil us esp me as everyone knows I just love her natural handmade style of clothing.

There is still a full outfit out as well which of course I have blogged and on the wall to your right when you go in are some of the older gifts and there is a couple of lucky boards.


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Picture me nude!(Freebie).

The outfit is NOT the freebie!

I do actually buy clothing in SL, not as much as I used to because now all my money goes on our sim but I too love a great outfit and this !g0 one is one I’ve had for years and years and you guessed..years.

So it is not the freebie and of course, I’m wearing a Mina hair which means it’s the boots.

The editing has made the colour change, not by much.  I actually thought these boots were going to be black.  I’ve not taken a picture of the back of them and that’s where there is some detailed black lacing.

S@bbia which just like !g0 is one of my beloved labels.  The third easel has been removed so now there is just this and the other more recent boot that I’ve blogged and since Jury Gothly is so generous I can hardly wait to see what other new items will be put out for us.

PS.  The reason I changed outfits is that the jeans I was wearing were breaking though so I decided it was time to dress up instead of dressing down.


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Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. (Freebie New S@bbia).

I’ve had such a late start to the day I wasn’t going to blog just yet and I’d only logged in to check messages etc and of course, check S@bbia which is almost a daily routine for me.   Since this simple casual outfit is NEW and so wearable I knew I’d have to do a post about it now and not later.

A lovely wearable two-piece in the very recognisable S@bbia style.  As always one size fits all and I had no problem with that at all.

There are a total of three group gifts out for us, obviously blogged by me, so make sure to check those out at the same time.


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It’s a first. (S@bbia Freebie).

Have I ever blogged a bikini from S@bbia before?  I don’t think I have and so I was intrigued enough to grab it even though I thought I’d have to wear it with my whole body Alpha’d out and as you can see that’s not the case.

I’m not inworld so I’m guessing that along with my SLink fit it also comes in the standard Maitreya fit…anyhow free for you to try and of course remember there are two other Group Gifts which I have blogged but you may have missed them. All three gifts are on the easels and this new one is to the right when you walk in the shop.


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Three Boards! (Freebie@S@bbia).

I did not expect a new freebie from S@bbia but since I visit on an all most daily basis, just in case, it’s paid off as yes there is a NEW Group Gift and just as good is that the 2 other recent Group Gifts are still out for us.

It’s rare to find Med High Foot shoes which make it worthwhile putting on your Med feet these strappy leather shoes are well worth it.  Just so pleased with them and now it means I can log out of SL do this post and then do some RL work knowing I’ve blogged a damned fine treat for us all.

PS.  Get used to that rug as I’m finally doing the finishing touches to my SL home and I have a little corner in my bedroom which is set up so I can take simple but effective pictures of things like shoes.