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A load of Junk (Freebies).

By now everyone who loves quality will know that Junk has not only opened a new shop on a new sim BUT there are FREEBIES and a SALE going on!


Although I’m not showing much of the “Tiny House” that I’ve used as my background but it’s a Junk Stunner.  I have blogged it previously and you can check it out for yourself at the shop.  The Freebie is this sleigh seat which as far as I’m concerned can be used any time of year and not just for winter.  You actually get 2 colours this green and a blue.


The chair, plant and a lantern on the wall are Junk as well.  As it happens you get about 5 different metal versions of that lamp.


Last piece of Junk is this Button clock which comes with instructions on how to change the time settings to suit where you are in RL.

I’m not sure if you have to join the Junk group to grab it or not but it doesn’t really matter as it’s a Free to join group.  The chairs are obviously set out but the rest of the Free Junk is actually in the brown box just near the chairs but a bit behind and to the right. You will see what I mean when you go there.

Now for any budding photographers out there this is another sim for you.  So beautifully laid out and the Windlight setting is amazing.  You cannot fail to take a stunning picture.  This first one is completely unedited, I just pointed and snapped.  However if you’re feeling a little bit braver then you have 2 days to enter a picture to a competition being held by Tab Tatham then you have 2 days to submit your picture and you never know!

An unedited picture of the sim.


And this is my entry to the Comp.



Photo comp@Junk

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Definately NOT Junk. (Non Free and FREEEEEEBIES).

I finally managed to squeeze my AV ass into the FaMESHed event and once I’d joined the Group I went click crazy and grabbed the lot. In my last picture you will see every gift I picked up but there was so many I’ve simply not had time to unpack them but since they’re all from the cream of SL shops they’re going to be GOOD.  So if you’ve not been to the FaMESHed event yet it’s time to go.

This isn’t a freebie, sorry, but this is my DREAM!  Every month when the RL gas, electric, council tax, water rates and on and on come in and then on top of that the bigger your house the more dusting, hovering, cluttering there is I log into youtube and look at all the Tiny Homes that people make and live in and I dream of living an affordable and uncluttered life.


I know my dreams are simple things but sometimes the simplest are the best.  I’ve had to relog out of SL but if I remember correctly the prim total was about 78 all inc.  Although uncluttered it still has some incredible detailing such as the coat hooks on the wall outside of the front door, the bare light bulbs the worn tiles on the entrance porch and the bathroom tiles.


This view is taken from inside of the bathroom which has oodles of space.  Those banquet type of seating each come with their own different poses and they’re damned good ones.  You can however remove them as they’re unlinked which will allow you to put as much or as little as you want into your Tiny Home.


Again just look at that detailing, the tatty flooring and recycled woods, just excellent.  I don’t think the boards come off the hidden sink and if you look at the bottom left hand corner you will just about see that there is a gap in the benches to put a toaster over or a fridge.  The bed doesn’t come with any poses, I believe but I could be wrong and that too is unlinked so easy to pop something in their.  Love the over head shelving for extra storage.


I’ve put myself in this picture to show you the sizing and I have an AV on the smaller scale and I didn’t feel tiny in this home.

tinhouse use

I took this snap last night just before I logged off just to show you the heaps of Freebies from the FaMESHed event, actually even just looking at it I’m sure there are quite a few parcels missing out of the picture.  There is everything here even as you can see a Mina hair! Clothes, decor, hair, jewels etc so basically something for everyone.

I’ve been calling this my “Tiny Home” but it’s actual name  is The Once Travelling Wilbury chalet and it’s only available at the FaMESHed event and if you want to see it in full yourself you can TP to the demo area and have a good saunter around.  Mine cost me only 300Lds but I bought the PG version so I’m not sure how much the Non PG version cost, the one thing I’m sure about is that if the sitting poses are this good then the naughty one should be pretty hot.

I’ve left my model out so when I next get back inworld I can play some more with it ie remove the seating put in my own, squeeeze in a bath and toilet and have some real fun.


 Junk Mainshop

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Humpfh n Junk.

The “humpfh” is the SL lag I was suffering from as I was trying to take pictures of my new treats.   I popped over to Junk and treated myself to a great Barber chair and an upcycled table/lamp and then I stumbled on her SALE items and went crazy.  OK not that crazy but at the prices she’s slashed them to you can afford it.


Because the lag was bad I decided that instead of setting them out in my home as I intend to do, I rezzed a retro style house and placed them out.  Loving not only the texturing but the details on this “milo cabinet”.  Not only is it only 50Lds in price but only a single prim!!  You have to see it inworld to really appreciate the details, the sloped back and the books inside etc but also the other colour options she has set out.


The chair is also a Junk item but since when I relogged in Lag Hell was over I decided to take another piccie of that and just use this sky home as a retro back ground for my new FREE dress.  The style is now quite common but the satin sheen of the fabric and the folds at the neck and the scooped back are very natural looking.  A sign of quality.  A TDTH find (the dirty turkey hunt) item from ECRU.


This is a real statement chair in the  picture above this one you can see the cushion textures better, there is also a choice in the shop,  and in this photo you can see one of the great poses.  Tab Tatham doesn’t stint on the poses in her furniture and thats what makes the difference between a great piece of furniture and a greater piece of furniture.  One you like to look at and the other you like to look at and USE.  The poses aren’t rigid static but have gentle smooth AO’s to them. Only 4 prims and 75Lds for this statement chair.


Again another bargain, a classic magazine stand with the jug of flowers and only 50lds.and only 4 prims,  again a choice of colours in the shop.  I also picked up some 25Ld rugs as well and I’m using one of them in this picture.

A whole mix of stuff in Junk’s sale from simple rugs to chairs, tables etc so even if you’re not after what I’ve shown you

Special mention to the lamp.  It’s a permanent fixture in my home now no matter what style my home is in I just love this lamp and what I love even more, apart from the low price, 15Lds and low prims 2, it actually lights a room up.  This is in the inworld shop but not the Marketplace one and from what I can see there is stuff in the shop but not in the Marketplace one and visa versa so you need to check both out.  Going to be buying myself that “The Witches Hovel” as soon as I can.



Axo’s Mainshop Elemental Motifs

Axo’s Marketplace shop