Wild Thing

April is the month of the wild man – as in The Wild Man Hunt which is going on throughout this month. This hunt features all sorts of manly items from some great designers, it’s not just about the clothes. As usual I’ve gone wandering and picked out a few things to show you today.

First up are the items from Alphamale and Juice shown in the picture above. You can always count on Alphamale to deliver a great hunt gift and the Polo Shirt they are giving away is no exception. First and foremost, it’s purple! For me, you can never go wrong with purple and the shade is perfect. It comes on all layers and features two different sized cuffs and collar. I’m wearing the normal size in these pics and barely had to touch them at all to have them fitting like a dream. The jeans are Juice’s entry into The Wild Man Hunt called ‘Back to Black’. They are some classic looking jeans, the texture on them looks awesome and they come on both the pants and underwear layers in two different versions: one with the khaki belt (which is what I’m wearing) and a non-belted version. The Back to Black jeans come with a pair of well-fitted cuffs as well.

Gladly, SF Design are also involved in this hunt. swaffette Firefly is giving away a red and black version of her ‘andy casual outfit’. This outfit is definitely for you sporty wildmen with its lovely, silky looking, football style shirt. It also features a pair of great black jeans that come with two different versions of the sculpted jean cuffs: one with a resizer script and one without. The Andy Casual Set also gives you a pair of red sneakers which fit really well and go great with the rest of the outfit. Like the cuffs, the sneakers come in a resizer scripted version and one without. Really a great set for sure.

And since no wildman would be complete without his bachelor pad and so I took the above pictures inside the hunt gift from La Flat. Yes indeed, La Flat are giving away this ‘Hollinger Vegas Skybox’ as their gift! It is a very manly home, with windows giving a view of the Las Vegas Strip, male-appealing posters on the walls and a gorgeous fireplace right in the middle. Only 42 prims as well if I counted right.

You can find a full list of the stores involved in the hunt here: http://trystfurniture.wordpress.com/the-wild-man-hunt-hints-gift-pics/

Get the gear here:

Picture #1: Polo Shirt: Alphamale  (Hint: Stay Focused. Look Straight Ahead.)
Back to Black Jeans: Juice  (Hint: It’s so dark in here I can’t see anything. Will someone please switch on the lights)

Picture #2: Andy Casual Set: SF Design  (Hint: Head south for uniforms pirates and santa! the man who has ‘NoBody’ holds the prize!)

Hollinger Vegas Skybox: La Flat  (Hint: It’s hard to read when the jackets are so distracting)



.:Juice:. Baller Baseball Shirt

 One thing that’s always good about fashion in Second Life is that there are always plenty of hunts either ongoing or upcoming and so there’s always good stuff to be found. One thing that’s bad about that is that there’s just never enough time to do them all (especially if you happen to have been whacked by the lazy stick like myself). I usually do make an effort to check out a few every now and then though and today I checked out the ‘Summer Sweets’ grid-wide hunt. It has been going on since the beginning of August and is almost at an end (September 1) however you still have time to run out and find some cool stuff. 

Well, speaking of cool stuff, I found the ‘Baller Baseball Shirt’ at Juice while I was hunting. I’ve wandered around the Juice store before and always thought their clothes looked pretty cool and this shirt is definitely that. I love the texturing on it, it has a slightly mesh-y look to it and just feels like something you’d wear standing at home plate. The black, white and grey colouring looks great too. 

So run on down to Juice and pick up this shirt while the hunt is still on and as always with hunting, while you’re there, check out the other goodies you can find in-store 🙂 

Get the gear here:

Skin: *Sacred* – Ethan Tone 3 Shaved
Hair: *Argrace* – Military Cap “Sexy Curly” Dark Brown 

Pose by *Muism*