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I ain’t, too, mad.(35Ld Sunday Offer).

I’m working my way through the 35Ld Sunday shop list and found this pair of pants in the Sparrow shop.

I didn’t bother trying the demo on and just took my chances with the fit, which turns out to be Maitreya only.  I’m not too mad as there is just a little bit of breakthrough at the back waistline and it’s still very wearable.  There is a selection of colours but only 3 of them are on offer for 35Lds.

I heading back inworld now as I really want to check out the rest of the 35Ld Sunday offers.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Lost in translation.(Freebies).

I’ve just unpacked my new yoga mat, super thick and not cheap and it has on the wrapping “Extra Dick” I kid you not!  As it happens it’s a German company so I think it’s a translation mistake and not a suggestion.

So I’m back in my SL gym which I have right next to my studio.  The FREEBIE is simply these pants which I don’t usually go for that saggy crotch look personally but I think even with it they look really good and the extra detailing of the oversized slouch pockets is a really good touch.  You get a male(Moz) and female fits in various sizes.

So this is only one of the GG’s on the wall behind the reception desk at Agata they’re emm ok BUT check out the little stack or round boxes on the floor as inside of that is a Christmas dress.  It has an interesting design of overlong sleeves which hang down well past your hands but this isn’t a style to everyone’s taste and of course, it’s way too early for Christmas shopping but this also comes with a Hud and you can change the top to one without a Christmas image on the front and remove the over long sleeves and hem of the jumper and end up with a nice bright red oversized winter woolie.

BUT be warned this shop is full of temptation! I had time to kill so I wandered around and OMHAI, as Faith would say, some really lovely designs if I wasn’t poor with 2 cats to support I would end up splashing some serious Lindens in this shop.