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Polka dots & black denim

I couldn’t resist the lure of Jill any longer and found a quiet 20 minutes when my router was loving me, my connection was ok…and headed over there. So thrilled I did because Jill has some new items and of course..I had to have them ! The new line of jeans caught my eye, various shades available from washed out trad blue, to inky black. I chose black, you get two cuff styles (I’m showing the skinny) plus thee cutest little chains that attach to the hip. I’m sort of over the ripped shredded look at the moment…these are classic, at just 100L a real steal. (basket is also from Jill – there are two pastel shade ones in the group lucky board – “F” never ever comes up ~le-sigh~)

I also succumbed to this sweet polka dot cami top…you get two lengths in the box, I’m wearing the shorter version in this pic, the longer in the first. Teeny tiny dots are on the silk fabric, with black banding and a darling bow at the front, again just 100L.  Btw, incase you’re wondering, the fahhbulous Geisha pose & umbrella are a new release from Magnifique poses, 6 parasols & 6 poses to go with them…adorable huh? Thanks Scarlet xx

Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and pick up a set of sweet bikinis that are out for group members…and STALK those lucky boards !

Jeans & cami top: Jill

Geisha pose & parasol : Magnifique poses


Welcome back Jill !

Oh mai stars ..I still can’t quite believe it..Jill Lemon,designer @ *+*JILL*+* is back hurrrah!!!! When Jill decided to close her store last year, I was forlorne..I loved her clothes..I adored her bags & baskets..and her random wearables !!! (don’t know what Id do without my wearable dj set)  I was soooooo excited to hear that she’s back…and the store is OPEN ..I popped over (wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me) and my heart went all pittypatter as I walked in..instantly snapped up this to-die-for stripey black skirt (100L) and then feeling rather chuffed twirled aroundddd to find group & opening giftsss! The ruffly girly shirt is the grand opening gift…two lengths for the blouse are included ,plusss..the beady necklace comes in..wait for it…six styles *faints*,long,short,choker,both together..its pretty fabulous. For group members there is also a very chic leather look bracelet (tan,black & white)..I suggest you join the group to keep up to the minute ! Ohhh and there are two lucky boards, I stalked them for about 50 minutes as one of them has theeee most delicious basket in white in it..(I’m wearing the black version I bought before the store closed),beautiful animation in it..arm or hand hold..see if you get lucky!

Welcome back Jill,we missed you !

Go get the gear: *+*JILL*+*



Jill is closing on the 11th of this month, which is pretty sad news…if youve been there you’ll know why, if  you havent go NOW..there is 50% off everything and some generous gifts from Jill Lemon to say thank you. The dress below is actually outside the store to the left…its typical of Jills style..so feminine & classy. The basket is a group gift, you’ll find a treasure trove of group gifts as you walk in beneath the gallery..I suggest you collect them, all of them are true gems and will be wardrobe staples for you.

Jill white gift dress & basket

Also look in the middle of the store, under a *thank you & sign..3 more stunning outfits  as a gift from Jill to you..

Best wishes Jill, you rock ❤

Taxi to go : Jill