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Indulgent me (Freebie).


I know that our regular visitors, and yes we do have some, know by now that when showing off the texturing of clothes and skins that cost you money I like to stick with my most fave Windlight setting so you get a better idea of what you’re paying for but when something is FREE I get to have fun with the sun.  As it happens in between a little bit of SLing I’ve been Glamping ii up-in my back garden sadly so the opportunity to pop over to one of my Fav sims and crank up the sun was just too good.


Sadly the freebie I’m showing off isn’t the wonderful hat but the outfits.  Latest free to join Group Gift from Prism and JEZZIXA Cazalet has been pretty darn generous because you get 3 mesh bikinis and 3 matching skirts but in different patterns.  The one thing I noticed with this outfit is that the bikini top gives you a Kardashians Cleavage which I happen to really like with this look.