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Nothing inbetween.(Freebies n Hunt).

Thanks to the heads up from one of our reg readers I decided to start what looks like another AMAZING Christmas Hunt that has just started but so far I’ve only just scratched the surface and not really found anything yet.  I can see from the list of shop names that there is going to be a total mix of quality goodies for us to find.  So instead of making you wait for me to show you any hunt prize I win, I will put the link to the “Christmas Holiday Hunt” blog where you can get all the LM’s and even better, hints and do it yourself at your own time and leisure.

You will also see from the blog that each shop also has a special discounted item out and I will admit that I snapped up the Belle Epoque one….I’ll let you see that for yourself when you go hunting for the prize.

Although the ChiChica shop is also in this hunt these next 2 items are the gift under the tree for everyone.

Big fat baubles! How often do I do earrings?  Rarely because I just don’t wear them but how could you resist these dangling down.  Made me chuckle and I will probably keep them in for a while.

In the same gift box are these shoes.

OH YESSS! Fabulous bling! It seems a long time since I last found a really good pair of shoes and so I was pleased I left ChicChica early to check the gift out but obviously as soon as I get back inworld I’ll be popping back to hunt down the prize because I’m GREEDY and I need to find something to wear in between earrings and shoes!

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