Key to my Heart

Esther Jen: Key Necklace - 50L

Yaaay!! Jewelry from Esther Jen!  The newest release of Jennie’s is this fabulous Key Necklace.  The coppery brass color of the chain really gives it that vintage feel, especially with the old world key design!  It’s just long enough to hang right below your cleavage, and is priced at 50L!  Awesome bargain for a great piece!

Esther Jen: Jean Tube Top w/ Tee - 75L

Another recent release is this fabulous jean tube top!  And it comes with different layers so you can wear it differently.  Whatever weather you decide to dress for….either the jean top alone to flaunt your smexy self, or wear it with the long sleeve tee underneath if you’d like to go a bit modest!  It’s so versatile, and priced at only 75L!

Esther Jen: Roller Girl - 75L

Another fave that I’ve been strutting around in allll day is this new roller girl outfit!  It is sooo super cute!  Between the deep low cut of the tee, the low hip slung shorties, and the adorable white thigh high socks, you’re all set to skate around looking all sorts of adorable!  It is smexy and fun….and don’t forget to pair it with your favorite pair of roller skates!  Definitely a must-have!

Esther Jen: Soak Up the Sun *Gift*

I loooove summer outfits…anything to show off that new summer glow!  And Jennie definitely gave you the tools to do so!  This Soak Up the Sun outfit is available as a gift on the desk in the entrance.  I looove the denim shorts that roll up at the bottom, and paired back to the sexy bra top with lace peeking over….perfect outfit to throw on and bask in the sun!  Another gift by the generous Jennie is also on the desk….this sexy Straps dress pictured below!  I love the shade of purple…and the straps go ohhhh so low.  You’ll look absolutely daring in this mini dress so go grab it!

Esther Jen: Straps *Gift*

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