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Those little touches

I’m always on the lookout for items to make my rental homes that little bit more “homey”…the Kitchen is a favourite place of mine to really go to town…and I was stoked to find a vast selection of free food pieces to add to my already burgeoning inventory …I visited “JellyBeans too”, it’s a great sim to explore…theres heaps to do..and a whole load of stores that you can use to role play in or just mooch…laundrette, grocery store, coffee shop etc. I had a ball wandering about with my shopping cart. In most of the stores there are free items to pick up..really cool…low prim and perfect to add some interest to your home. I stashed a selection of meats & fish into my trolley..

..then headed off down the aisle to buy some ice cream & preserves…take a wander around outside…theres a beautiful beach area with towels, sand castle making, tubes to rez…plus  a lush lovely park area…bowling and an arcade ! For those who don’t want to walk…grab a Sedan tour car, it will drive you around in style…

(My landmark should take you right outside the grocery store)

Jellybeans Too