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Group Benefits – Gifts

Adorsy Group gifts! Outfit, shoes both fatpacks

I’ve never been to Adorsy before but I spotted something they had out at an event and thought Id go look at the main store. For a tiny $30L you can join the group and nab a load of gifts ! The outfit above and the wedge shoes are two of them – my favs actually. Quite an unusual outfit with a long tunic top and belt – leggings that are optional via the Hud. Fat pack is the order of the day for both items – niiiiice. I always dither when joining a paid for group, but I spotted the wedge shoes and just went for it – Super cooool and also a fatpack.


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What a Rabble !

Setting you off just right for 2020 Neve has some fabulous new pieces at Fameshed. The Rabble outfit is a sweet flippy skirt with an attached sweater. Soooo many colours and patterns go take a peek, its perfect for sliding on over leggings, jeggings, tights or jeans – if you’re really brave in this cold bare legs !

I’ve worn the new Chaos leggings with the Rabble outfit – gawd LOVE them! These are also at the latest round of Fameshed – via the Hud you can choose the ripped look or if you prefer – not. Again a whole ton of packs with colour choices and patterns! I really find the boot helper button so useful – this time of year you will prolly wear boots a lot – and you get three options for the boot help – short, mid & knee length – no more show throughs! Check the new items out, grab a free demo and have a play around – thanks Neve team ❤


Fameshed Cam Sim

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Today is cancelled!(Freebies).

Yup I’ve given up on today as it’s yet another day of rain and dampness and so I’ve called and canceled a visit I had planned I’ve even canceled yoga because I have “rising damp” because of the miserable wet weather we’ve had.  So yes even in June I have my fire on, the cats are happy, I’m logged into SL to old LM check and have a nice relaxing day.

So literally the first LM I checked out was Fishy Strawberry and the gifts in the shop are very old ones so old that a lot of our readers will not have seen them so here is just 2 of them.

This is the only time I will ever wear “jeggings” lol.  Faith will probably remember these “ombre” jeggings as when they were first released everyone snagged them and happily, these are still as good as the first time I put them on.  You get 2 shades of Ombre these blue and a gray version plus all the standard mesh fits.

The top, however, is showing it’s age a little bit but still good and still better than most things I end up binning and you do have a choice of colours.

When you go into “Fishy” turn a sharp right, then another sharp right and it’s right there…I see what you did there lol.  Actually easy to find as the first room in the Fishy Strawberry shop is small and it’s only when you walk through to the rooms in the back does it get bigger and bigger with so much temptation!

PS Yes I am in the Fishy Strawberry changing room lol.

Fishy Strawberry

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We’re all going on a …summer holiday ! (freebie inc.)

Dench Designs - by the seaside bench 40L 4 prims NEW!

I’m almost going to BURST with excitement, only a few days to my summer vacation ! With that in mind I’ve gone all beachy and summery in my SL mood. So much so when I spotted a gorgeous little beach house for free on the market place, I snapped it up and begun rummaging through my “to blog list” for items I could show off in and around it. I found this glorious bench seat at Dench Designs yesterday, go check that store out, its full to brimming with reasonably priced and low prim items for your home & garden. What I SO enjoyed about this is the hilarious animations and sound effects ! YES, really a bench with sound effects – coolbeans – you neeeed this ! It has couples and single pringle poses, one of my favs is above “feeding the seagulls” , not only do birds rez, but you’re given some bread to wear and scatter andddd you get seagull noises – utterly fab.  Just cant believe this cost me just 40L ! Player and I loved the “drunk” couples pose too – go try it out, you’ll chuckle I promise. Btw my leggings are by 7th store and are fitted mesh – new release and in a range of smashing patterns and block colours – this blue pair are my favs as they look like washed out denim.

New stuff_001

Next an event that’s ongoing, “The Domus Fair”, %Percent have this absolutely stunning bench on sale, it’s so perfectly finished I couldn’t stop staring at it. Especially the wrought iron work at the ends. The cushion is plush velvet, and the poses are really lovely (couples and singles), its super low prim and comes in a range of colour tones. The vase of flowers is also on offer , they co-ordinate really nicely with the benches actually.

Zinnias gacha beaded drapes - various colours - open & closed

You can just see behind me in the last photo these scrumptious beaded drapes from Zinnia’s, this is a new gacha item and you get both the closed and open style in each play. only 2 prims each which is brill. This is the Luna shade, the sol is also rather lovely, go try your luck! Thanks Zinnia ❤

Domus event

Last up are these from Serenity style, part of what looks to be a set for the Domus Fair. Perfect for your home or maybe a beach house, they just scream summer to me. Light woods used and shabby framed prints, I adore them. The beach house I took these photos around is a great freebie on the market place. It’s by Moon Falconer, only weighs in at 18 prims and has working doors to boot. I really liked the deck outside, which creates a lovely place to sit or fish from.

Domus Fair

FREE Beachcombers cabin (market place link)

Dench Designs

7th Store


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Caress me

Ninight creations NEW!

Ever wear something that makes you feel all soft and feminine? Yeah well…thats this tunic from Ninight Creations…it just looks sooooo stroka-bubble doesn’t it? Gorgeous to wear, either with or without pants or tights…its the perfect length really. There are a variety of colours to choose from , take a look on the market place or at the mainstore.

Ninight creations tunic NEW! coldLogic jeggings meeters cocoa NEW!

Told you I was going to wear my coldLogic meester jeggings to-death didn’t I ?! I found them so compatible with this new release, and the cocoa shade looked almost edible with the lush creamy beige of the tunic. The belt on the top sits really well around your hips. Have a feeling this will become my go-to-outfit for the Fall.

Ninight Creations store

Ninight Creations market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

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coldLogic – part deux

coldLogic meester jeggings berry - perry sweater NEW!

I’ve been faffing about trying on and mix-n-matching my little heart out today. coldLogics Fall range just makes you wanna ! There are sooooo many different jumpers and tops its difficult to stop wriggling into them. I’m wearing  a two-tone sweater above called perry…some soft and also some juicy tones in this. I teamed it with the brand spankin new meester jeggings in a delish berry shade. These are just purrfect, grab a few cause you’ll be slamming them on every day. Three different cuff/length options included, which is kinda essential if you want to wear them with different types of footwear.

coldLogic NEW!

Ok, listen up…you NEED this ! I havent seen a thing like it in Second Life, it’s a unique look and I adore it. You can wear it with our without the tank underneath and it comes in a lovely array of colours to choose from (plus a great value quantum pack naturally) Id describe it as a  “ponchardi”, that’s a poncho cardigan ! Big fat tassles hang from the edge of it, with three-quarter length sleeves, it’s the ultimate casual piece that makes you look (and feel) so so stylish. Brilliant . Its called “decker”, if you’re not a fan of the subtle shades , check out the bright ones !

coldLogic NEW!!!

I was wearing the decker top with these pants “bell”, great fabrics for these classic pants, heavy twill or perhaps denim..they come in various deminy shades too…but I fell in love with the pristine white.

coldLogic meester jeggings seyfried and upton shirt NEW!

Last for part deux (oh yes , part trois is coming) the jeggings “seyfried” and “upton” shirt. Check out the seams on the jeggings, absolutely spot on huh?! Nice fading around the hemlines makes them look a little worn, these are definitely going to become a wardrobe staple for me, prepare for jegging overload ! The top is a simple affair, just right for tossing on over jeans etc, could also look super with a skirt. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

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Monday Mania strikes again

Monday wouldn’t be Monday…without a little Mania action, would it? Here it is!…SF Design has these scrummy Aztec style leggings for you, just 25L for today from the Monday Mania board in the ladies dept….lovely wintery tones…easy to wear, with or without the cuffed hem. I slipped a mesh sweater dress over the top from that cost only 1L…behind me is one of my favourite Bag Lady Designs items, “The artsy girl pottery wheel”. I checked in store to make sure this is still current and for sale…and it is ! Beautiful animations and not high prim…costs 199L. BLD is a great store to visit, SO much to see and such affordable prices. I noted that the Christmas goodies were out, fabbo snow-covered cars to buy as props or for sitting outside your SL home!

SF Design