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Keeping cool

coldLogic NEW !

Saved by the bell – just as I was beginning to cast about for some new summer shorts & tee’s, coldLogic releases a bunch of them ! What a lifesaver they are too, bundles of coolness to slip over my hot body. Not only a fantastic collection of coolness but until the 6th of July, you can grab these at SALE PRICE in the mainstore ! (please note these new items are only on sale at the mainstore, after the sale they will be also on the market place) Above I’m wearing the falls tank in buff, and the kidd shorts in pink elephant (what a great name for a colour!) I adore this simple little tee, check out the beautiful detailing on the yoke at the back, tiny folds of fabric, and the way it falls into fabric creases around the torso – absolute gold. The short are SO moi! Plaid with pink in it – whats not to love – as usual I am wearing the physique versions of both pieces that come in the box – apparently this works very well for the Maitreya mesh body too. All standard mesh sizes included too.

coldLogic NEW - Bag 35 colours inc $25L !

Here we have me dawdling in the shade of the bamboo walkway. I’m wearing the new luce sage tone shorts that come with belt hoops and no belthoops, all standard sizing plus that handy-dandy physique size that I adore. Lovely and faded and worn look to the shorts with a small rolled hem above the knees. The shirt is just glorious, it’s called linke and comes in various colour options. Works well with the shorts but would go with jeans or maxi skirts etc too. Shout out for my sooper handbag, its by Shey and is only $25L – you get a HUD with a whopping 35colour options plus choices for handle and metal trimmings!

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DUH! (sunnies)

Dark Mouse (necklace)

Shey bag

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Bubblez kate sweater,scarf,shorts & boots plus specs - coldLogic Jessop leggings in taupe

I was bowled over with this new release from Bubblez. I hadn’t really thought about wearing shorts for a winter outfit but I have to say – it kinda natty ! This is “kate” and is a new release , in the box you get the sweater which is a fantastic nubbly type of knit with a contrasting hem and cuffs. There is also a scarf in two colour options and different sizes. The shorts are camo pattern and look to be made of a thick denim type fabric. The boots are in the box too ! Cute knitted ones that fitted perfectly, there’s also  pair of geeky specs to complete the look. I added a pair of coldLogic Jessop leggings, they were a perfect match in taupe. I must say I tend to use my coldLogic leggings as thick woolly tights this time of year – gotta layer up!


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