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It’s a crime!(oodles of Freebies).

Popped into the Jackpot Gacha event which was pretty good as I didn’t realise that there was ooodles of Freeness to be grabbed.  I remember the last time I visited this event there was a load of freebies out as well so I’m wondering if this is a regular thing and if so I’d pencil this in to be a regular visit.

LOOK at this for some SL fun.


I’m going to put it in my will then when I die I want to be carried aloft in a glass coffin by 4 Elves, Dwarfs(?) having said that I have no intentions of ever dying.



This fun wearable is the gift from the Sweet Revolutions stall.  A nice touch is as the coffin and small folk are rezzing around you, you slowly lower yourself into your coffin.  I swear that later on when I’m inworld hunting down my next Freebie I’m going shopping like this, doin’ it with style.

I only managed to unpack a few of the Freebies before I found this and I just had to leave them and do this post but I can see lots of jewels, some clothes etc.  It’s all waiting for me to continue to unpack so a lovely way to spend a Tuesday.

BUT I also went Gacha crazy as every Gacha is ONLY 30Lds and at that price it’s much more tempting to give it a go add to that the fact that some lucky people will win 1, 2 or even 3 items for the price of 1 and 1 lucky winner will win 100 free pulls! I won some good stuff but one of the Gacha’s is nothing but adorable tents.  I was lucky enough to have won the Barbie Pink one and I’m looking forward to unpacking it to check out the quality and prims.

So go snag all of the freebies, the little take away boxes at each stall, and treat yourself to some real bargains and you maybe even luckier and win more than you think.

Jackpot Gatcha

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Jackpot Gacha ! (gacha & freebies)

Jackpot Gacha - Belle Epoque - $30L per try !

Oh my sweet days, a gacha event here you could win more stuff on each try – well whats a girl to do? Go over there and give it a whirllllllllll. First port of call was naturally Belle Époque, I love this designers clothing and was dead chuffed to see not one but two possible outcomes – good or bad, white or black. My good girl vibes must have paid off as I won the rare white dress (squeeee), the pink bag and white shoes – at $30L a pop, that’s the princely sum of just $90L *faints*

Jackpot Gacha - Belle Epoque shoes $30L !

Heres the shooz, I’m wearing them with my SLink high feet – I lovessss them !

Jackpot Gacha - FREE wearable Christmas Donkey with wearable bells !

If you go for no other reason than the free gifts, which are plentiful, plus “cheapies” for the occasion, do nab this adorable free Christmas Donkey from United InshCon. Ohhh gosh how excited was I to find its a wearable set up – no prims used and plenty of fun, also comes with wearable sleigh bells. So anyway, I had a go on Ui’s gacha for the sweet little piggies, and not only won the ultra rare, but was given two more piggies! Three pigs for the price of one, I was ecstatic , seriously,(play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one.) So many well-loved designers in this event, it would be a real shame to miss out. One more thing –  Final Jackpot of 50 FREE PULLS to spend at any machine at the Fair for one lucky winner! oot oot .

Jackpot Gacha