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Timing (Freebie).

A lovely Freebie from Jinx but don’t “Jinx” yourself like I did and you WEAR this rather than rezz it and when you do a Hud opens on your screen and you simply click the picture and the outfits are sent to you.  I’m going to have to search my platform now to work out where the Hud ended up when I rezzed rather than wear LOL.


Just as I was picking a pose Faiths cow lifted its head and moo’d and I thought what a lovely picture.  The Freebie is this cute mesh pastel pinafore. You get a Hud with it and 3 choices of colours but all in pastel shades.  It also comes with a system layer T-shirt which is a lovely match and if I remember correctly it has a big flower on it but when taking the pictures it blended into the top too well and you couldn’t see the strap and buckle details so I just popped on another t-shirt I had which allows you to see the straps and buckle better.

Special mention to the hair because finally you will be able to go get it.  It’s Mina’s offering at the latest round of Kustom9 which I’ve had a struggle to get into but now that everyone has been and grabbed what they want it’s much quieter.


I’ve blogged Yuliya before but this and Elvire are now available in these juicy pastel colours and sorry cos I AM “Jinxed” as it appears the Kustom9 sim is down so I can’t pop over to price check but I’m pretty sure items inc the Mina hairs are discounted at this event.  I will try again later to price check if I can get back inworld.  Sorry.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Rushes in.(Mens Freebie).

Turns out it’s not to late for the MOH5 as some shops still have the gift out in this case it’s Ducknipple.  I was looking for the Jack or Jill item but as soon as I saw the pint of beer on the shelf in the menswear dept I just grabbed and rushed home.


A simple knitted mesh top with a zipper effect but TOP quality in fact most of what I saw on that hunt seemed to be really good stuff so I might just trawl a few of the shops to see if they’ve been kind enough to keep the item out.

Having said that the Jack and Jill Hunt is in full swing so I’m hoping to bring you more of those hunt items soon.  I’ve got the list of all the LMs.


Jack or Jill Hunt, Hints and LMs.