Right now over at the J Island mall they are having themselves a little hunt called the ‘J Sim Ichigo Hunt’. A lot of the stores in the mall have hidden a little strawberry inside them and once you find them, you can get some very cool stuff for just one linden. Faith and I ran around like mad hunting strawberries and tonight I’m going to show you one of the items I picked up.

It’s from ::Mr Poet:: and I was excited to find it because they sell some of the most gorgeously made clothes around. Their hunt item is the ‘Dot Neckerchief and Pink Shirt’ above. I’m a fan of pink tones in clothes, I just like the way they look on me. The texture on this particular shirt is kinda rough-looking, almost like linen, the stitching looks brilliant as do the creases. It comes on all layers and includes the sculpted cuffs, collar and the bottom part of the shirt which might be my favourite part of the whole thing, it just hangs so well. Of course, I can’t fail to mention the neckerchief. I’m usually not such a big fan of scarves, I can just never seem to get them to fit without stretching them to unnatural looking sizes but this one was much better and it looks great . Remember, you’re looking for a little strawberry to grab this sweet bit of kit, it’s not hard to find.

I couldn’t leave the store without buying the ‘Knitted Coat’. I can’t say whether it’s a new release or not, all I know is that I never saw it before and it was only L$60 so I was grabbing it! The knit texture is lovely and warm looking and it also includes the bottom part to the sweater, the cuffs and the collar which is amazing, the laces are part of the collar and fit in perfectly with the neck. This coat is a steal and is also available in black.

added by Faith: omg, I left his side for no more than 30 seconds and he sneaked in a sly purchase! He didnt say a word!

Get the gear here: ::Mr Poet::  (This SLurl might not take you exactly to ::Mr Poet:: but that’s not a bad thing as it’s an awesome mall to snoop around and there are other hunt gifts to be found)