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Pumpkin People

I just HAD to share this with you…IzzieBellah Hinterland the owner of the Boathouse…sent me her gift in the Falling leaves hunt ! Its soooper cute…and will brighten up your Autumn gardens…you get everyyything shown above…each pillow has a pose in it…and the pumpkin people lounge gracefully about on their logs, you’ll never feel alone ! Completing the set are some pretty autumnal accents such a pine cones, a candle lamp and bowls of warming soup..The hunt is sponsored by The Cookie Jar Community, and it runs from October 3rd until the 24th, you’re looking for a sculpted brown leaf. All items are 0L…simple huh? Get your hunting goggles on..thanks IzzieBellah ❤
The BoatHouse