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Buy Buy Don’t Buy


Buy this because it’s sweet, cheeky and just plain rude.  The top of course is what I’m talking about a mesh top with a crochet pattern that you can see right through but also with that off the shoulder strap means you can be cheeky and flash everyone or pop a t-shirt underneath for a casual look. 180Lds and you can check out the demo first.


Buy this because isn’t it obvious? Love that cheeky dropped strap look.  Again be a prude and pop on a T Shirt if you must but what the heck doesn’t it just look sweet. 150Lds and again comes with a demo.

Tiny 1

But don’t buy this because you can get it FREE as a Group Gift.  How lovely is this again, except no boob flashing.  A top quality layered look.  I almost bought this from the MP but I’m so relieved I decided to check out the shop first.  Always worth checking if a shop has a MP and an in world shop because sometimes promos, group gifts, dollarbies etc only appear in the one location.  So this is a definite KEEPER. Sadly not a vast collection of clothes and accessories but enough mesh, non mesh and accessories to temp most and heres hoping that they fill the walls with stuff as good as this.

IZM inworld

Izm Marketplace

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Virtual Tourist

I was out and about today,scooping up any goodies I could find to show you..and I scored! I found the prettiest sim to go visit and some awesome clothing…above Im showing the group gift from Izm, striking striped polo with a sweater over the top. If Izm is a new store to you , go see ! The gear is so well made and very detailed. I love that there’s a few gifts so you can try the quality before buying more…(hello little piggy aww)

I havent been to KKBB for agessss…so I zipped over and noticed this pretty little dress for just 5L…actually most of the dresses etc are only 5L ! Its called Julianna and comes in heaps of patterns & colours…bargain! The basket I’m carrying is the package that my IzM gifty above came nifty to be able to wear it also !

Next up is this zingy orange short sweater from CKnife…eye wateringly bright and just purrfect for the summer evenings…wont cost you anything if you get favoured on the lucky board yay!

Steve and I stalked the lucky boards at Zenith for hourssss (well it felt like it ) I didn’t win anything but I did spot this fab group gift hurrah! Plaid shorts & sweater coolness…its unisex guys go grab it up…

Go get lucky: Zenith   Izm   CKnife   KKBB