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So many jokes!(LB’s).

I’ve had a seriously busy day and in fact, although I am RL working I’m also SLing ie multitasking like a Pro.  When I came inworld a message came through for a RIOT at Sn@tch and so I decided to go over there and be of some use as I worked through my notices/notes etc.

If you’re never rioted before or even heard of a riot board it was a biggish thing a few years ago and simply the more people who turned up the lower the price of certain items went. It’s not so common now because basically people never really bothered and so no one ever really got any bargain but Sn@tch has always bucked the trend.  As soon as a group call for a riot goes out everyone TP’s in just to lend a AV hand/bod and watch as the price on selected items drops right down to an average 50/55Lds.

Even if you’ve just come to help others you can also help yourself and you just might win something from the LB’s you can see in my picture.  What you can’t see is all the other people here not just knocking down the price of the Riot boards but fishing for a monthly “fish for this” outfit and that means that there is a quick turnover of initials on the LB and they’re well worth waiting for.

Sn@tch isn’t a free group, I’ve forgotten how long I’ve been a group member but it’s one I will never leave.  You don’t need to be a member though to use the LB’s, Riot or the Fish for This outfit(you don’t even need to use bait but you do need a fishing rod).  The items won in the Fish for This offer are trans and if you’re in the Sn@tch group then is a lot of people handing on unwanted items they have fished for.

If you do decide to pay the 100Lds to join I don’t know if there is any Group Gifts out at this moment but you get regular notices off ….about new stuff, what’s on etc and all come with such funny titles  ie “come see my New Sn@tch”, “Fresh New Sn@tch” and on and on (Sn@tch in the UK s slang for a lady part lol).

PS don’t use your old LM use mine as Sn@tched has moved to a new home.

PPS  Gotta stop “multitasking” and get back to RL work so have a great evening and “I’ll see ya all later”.


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Updated Sn@tch

Kick Ass

As soon as the notice went out that the Riot and Lucky Boards had been updated at Sn@tch I was over there like a shot.  I blog Sn@tch a lot not because I get paid to (I wish) or get free stuff ( most acceptable) but because they never fail to impress.  The items in the LBs and the Riot boards are shop quality and so are the freebies on the table at the entrance.  One of the most updated shops in SL, not a week goes by without new items being added.  Mainly non mesh but I’ve noticed the mesh selection is getting bigger and bigger and so are the Lola Tango selection but it still excels in the non mesh with it’s quality texturing it stands up well against any mesh clothing.

The outfit I am wearing is one of the LB wins, the weapons are from my own arsenal, but remember even in the LBs and Riots the clothing are shop quality and not old tat. As always each pack contains as standard a selection of colours and layers the only difference between the LBs and Riot items is they are non trans.  Because you get so much as standard then what I do is I have a folder in my invent labelled “Donate” and I pop the few items which I’m not keen on the colour and keep the colours I do love and when I stumble on a lost and lonely noob I treat them to some Sn@tch (boom boom).

Check out the Gatcha’s and the free gifts on the front desk. I picked up some pretty undies for free and a lovely flower locket earring set which I’m hoping to get a picture of and will post that soon as it’s adorable.