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Mama Mia

Aphrodite Group gift FREE!

With my love of all things Italian these gifts from Aphrodite were always going to be a winner. I had popped over to look at gifts for a certain someone I adore , but got distracted by the group gifts! I’m already a member and I don’t recall the joining fee, I know it couldn’t have been much as I’m dead miserly about group join fees ! Anyhooo this is the snack selection, bowls of scrummy crisps and nuts, plus a cheese board loaded down with vino, sausage etc…

Aphrodite Group gift basket FREE!

I  picked up this gorgeous presentation basket, also a gift for group members. I SO adore the striped bow on the handle ! Filled with treats, olives,wine,oils etc. If you touch it, you will receive a steamy plate of pasta…

Aphrodite Group gift Pasta plate

Voila! Aphrodite is a really lovely store to wander around in, SO much to see and try out. Go play and take a look at the foody items, they are especially fantastico.

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite on the market place