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I wanted to win this…


…but I won the stooopid bunny instead (actually the bunnies are soooo cute in their little onesies but I already have my IONIC bunnies and didn’t need more).


I would have been more than happy to have won this but had to settle for that lit wall decoration instead AND THEN I WON THIS!!!


OMG I was soooo happy.  I’ve seen this bed used on sims and drooled so to actually have won one from the IONIC Gacha was a “rare” treat.


Look at the details on this, the ladder at the foot of the bed the texturing of the fabric the cords that suspends the bed it’s all CLASS.  There is plenty of poses in the bed, if I remember a few singles, couples and friends but none in the ladder.  I haven’t really had time to try out the poses properly but I did write this post sitting on one of her many chairs in her shop and the AO in the chir is natural and smooth so I have high hopes that the ones in the bed are the same.

The items above all come from lakua Arriaga’s shop ICONIC which specialises in mainly Gacha items or so I thought till I went upstairs and found that she does also have items for sale as individual pieces and this is where I found this.


Thats me curled up in my foetal position because I so want this compact mini kitchen.  It’s actually for a full-sized AV not child or petite and even though it’s small it has everything.  Stove, sink, pots, pans, cutting board and on and on and only 300Lds!!!  I’m curled up because I really can’t or shouldn’t buy it for the simple reason that it won’t match my home and since I’m so happy with my SL house I’m not in a rush to change it, but the thought did cross my mind to literally buy this kitchen and then buy a house to fit it  HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!! So I curled up and waited till the urge to click and buy passed.



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Chapter Four

Chapter four - Tokame free gift!

The new round of Chapter Four is open hurrah! I love this event, it has something for everyone, even gacha ! I spotted his charming dress as I walked in, its a gift from Tokame for group members, the group is free to join . Soft cotton top and a really pretty flouncy flared floral skirt, just beautiful.

Chapter four - Ionic gacha 85L per play !

As a gacha addict I headed straight to the little room that holds the machines, SO happy that Ionic had a delicious display of home type pieces, as its 85L per play it’s a more considered purchase , I was stoked to win the item I adored first go ! This sweet little cabin is just to-die-for. Drapes frame the opening, and bunting softly flies above. The potted plant is also included (The lamp is another purchase) Sit in the chair and you find it filled with adorable sitting poses! The details are top quality, I especially liked the wall paper used inside.

Chapter Four - gacha lamp by Zigana 50L per play - Ionic decor detail

Took a closer shot of that paper just to show you, plus another gacha prize from Zigana. These tree lamps are irresistible, SO pretty and also low prim. Make sure you have local lights on to get the soft subtle effect that the bulb casts , its beautiful. Only 50L per play, guess what? I got the pink one first try yay!

Chapter four - peach mesh shiorts, mesh tshirt 50L a pop !

My last purchase was from the “peach” gacha, 50L per play, shorts and tee. Word of warning, if you don’t want to edit your shape to fit these pieces don’t buy ! You get only one size and its mesh. So you’re pretty much forced to edit your shape to fit. Even my smallest petite shapes wouldn’t work with these two pieces, sooo I had to make my body almost fat free with no boobs to get it looking decent. I didn’t notice anything on the board that said it was was a touch disappointed to find that after buying really. Still, its a nice look and kinda cute.

Chapter Four


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Abundance of Lavender

Lavender Hill Hunt - ionic prints - Alouette - The Camilla Bench - FashionNatic off shoulder jersey

Some new items have appeared for the Lavender Hill Hunt in the last couple of days…so I nabbed them to show you… Alouette have this darling little two-seater bench out “The Camilla bench”. Dual shades of lavender and sweet poses…FashioNatic, which is new to me, are giving away this off the shoulder jersey…love this style and adore the delicate shade…*ionic* have this funky set of prints out as their offering…really fresh and zesty…will certainly spruce up your home !

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