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All you can see – $99L PROMO

Im always stalking the Inverse store on the market place – awaiting their latest intro offer on their newest homes. This one is called “Porto” and I really like it. You’ll need to hurry if you want it as they are pretty fast shelving the offer and then its full price – I got this yesterday and its just a 48 hour thing! You get three versions, unfurnished, furnished with shadows, furnished without shadows. (full furnished with shadows (262 LI) – full furnished without shadows (262 LI) – unfurnished (143 LI)) I like to catch them on a promo then sift through the furniture and grab what I like for my own home – yes I am a scavenger. The build is lovely and as usual most of the furnishings come with menus with adult and PG animations. I wont write any more but the link is below so you can read all about it and grab it while you can.

Porto home PROMO

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Room to work.


I was doing something I like to do when I’m feeling uninspired and did a bit of map hopping.  I bumped into this in the sky just above some abandoned land took a quick snapped and flew off and not far away from it I found this.


This is now mine as of course I grabbed the info and TPed straight over to inVerse who are the creators of this platform.  As soon as I landed her I of course remember this place well as I and Faith have spent ages here checking out the all houses, sky homes, landscaping etc this place has to offer.  Such a variety of styles here it’s hard to just look at one or two builds you end up just checking out so many of the homes it’s addictive.    Fortunately they have plenty of demo rezzers set out so you never feel harrased that you’re taking too much time up looking at all the builds


Thats me jumping in the middle.  This is a basic platform for either a home or in my case my new work space.  As you can see it’s big enough for most builds it does have a resizer option in the menu however I didn’t bother checking that out as I’m pretty sure you’ll only be able to alter the size to a certain extent and this size is perfect.  You also get 5 different textures 3 very similar to this one and 2 in the white, snowier moonish colour.  Not a vast difference in the texturing but it does make a perfect base for landscaping and at a lowly 4 prims plenty of scope to landscape it.


TBH there is no reason why this should just be used in the sky, placed on the land it will offer you a certain amount of privacy from neighbours.

When you TP to inVerse you rezz in the landing area just click the TP board to one of the demo areas.  You can’t actually buy from the rezzer but just near to the demo rezzers is a vast wall of the homes and you buy them from there.  This platform and a more grassier version are in ……..what the heck here is a piccie to show you where they are, bottom right corner.  As you can see there is a more grassy version as well.


I’ve popped the LM for a place to purchase a grassy sky dome that both Faith and I have and use because of it’s amazing sky texturing and it’s so affordable price tag of 149Lds and of course you can use that or any dome you may have to place over your platform to make it feel more enclosed and atmospheric.


The Dreamer