Be Insatiable

Insatiable Fashions has moved! I dasshhhed over to take a peek and the new store is scrummmmmy. You will notice on the desk a TOSL hunt gift…and on the floor a stupendously huge box of free gifts! Theres jeans (a couple of pairs) tanks,tops,and this delicious yellow dress that I chose to wear as a tank…take a wander around.. lots to see..very reasonable prices…theres also some rather cool stores around the area..check them out !

Go get snoopy: Insatiable Fashions   Photo taken on location at Thinis


Garden City Relief–Help for Earthquake Victims

AddiCt in bloom dress 150L

I read with a very heavy heart about the earthquake in New Zealand and was hoping that something in Second life might get going to help with the disaster. Along came The “Garden City Relief” project, set up with the help of designers from all over the grid. Every single Linden you spend goes into the pot,it’s not a fair its a 100% all profits going to the fund .

I had a good long mooch about and saw many many items Id love to buy, fell in love with AddiCts “in bloom dress” and at only 150L its very affordable. There is clothing,hair (some ONLY available at this event) Furniture,pose packs, props,garden items and more and more and more ! I think all who participate & organise in these type of events need a big squeeezy hug and a rousing round of applause you guys ROCK!

 Get over there and shop till you drop !

For more info: www.gardencityreliefsl.wordpress.com

Event location: Garden City Relief

There are sooo many gorjuss items for sale from designers such as :

KMADD-Maddox Dupont**Exile-Kavar Cleanslate**Stellar-Lexi Morgan**Puriangi Designs-Hibiscus Flossberg**

MOOD-Jori Watler**Clutter-Kat Alderson**Zoe’s Garden-Adele Rhiadra**Tacky Star-Aura Falta**Kouse’s Sanctum-Kouse Singh**

POSEUR-Melanie774 Kidd**[Insatiable Fashions]-AliannaMarie Gossipgirl**’No Strings Attached’-Milli Santos**

Crackberry-jemima Clowes**Snowpaws-Carrie Snowpaw**DCNY-Anessa Stine**Gesticulate-Gidge Uriza, Elusyve Jewell**

Shine-Brandy Rasmuson** -dDx-Kallisti Burns**[elikatira]-Elikapeka Tiramisu**Spyralle-Kerryth Tarantal**

Vanitas Vesture-SarahTheRed Aurbierre**Absolution- Aurora Deischer**Evie’s Closet-Evangeline Miles**[Acide!]-AcIde Innovia**

Park Place Home Decor-DeAnn Dufaux**aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod**Evaki Clothing Boutique- Taury Barbee**

NSFW Brand-Stormy Wilde**GOS-Gospel Voom*** AR – Kidz *-Anjelika Rexen**Fab.Pony-Tatianna Faulkes



Are you Insatiable… in a phone booth?

mmhmm I am ! Get a load of this…aliannamarie gossipgirl the designer of Insatiable fashions is sending out a VERY generous group gift today (through subscribo & group notice) It’s a HUGE pack of her stereo love hoodies, in fahhhbulous colours  ! Five shades in all..heres my two current favs ! click the pics for a closer view ..

Insatiable Fashions

After Pink, its gotta be greeeeen ! They come with two different types of hood, one over your back , the other kinda half way up..

Insatiable Fashions

wanna know about the phone booth Im stood in? Wellllll its a new release from CandyMetal ! 6 poses…and so well designed, I HAD to show it off ! All yours for 150L !

~CandyMetal~ Cabina Telefonica

Go join the group to receive your fat pack of gorjusnesss !

Be a joiner : Insatiable Fashions

Andddd thats not all ! I popped over to check out the newness and stubmlebumbled over a gift box placed out for us ! Its stufffffed with goodies…heres a few..

Rock dress - gift

The rock dress is awesomesauce..snug fitting, great splash logo !

Sweater tank - gift

Adore this sweater tank..tactile look to the fabric..and of course its PINK yay!

Rockstar jeans & white bra (from Lea dress)

you have to do the rock star look once a month at LEAST right! Sooo bra with jeans…kinda fits the theme…actually I stole the bra from another outfit in the gift box ..comes in black too, just wayyy too pretty to wear under stuff !

Lea dress - gift

Pretty plaid dress..with the black under bra…

Forever young tank- gift

The Forever young tank…strapless with a wildddd motive !

Head over to Insatiable Fashions, join up & be spoilt with these amazing gifties! Take a wander around, there is much goodness – don’t forget upstairs either ! Saw some gorrrjuss tanks up there.. thank you aliannamarie  !!

Go get spoilt : Insatiable Fashions

Go make a call: Candy Metal


Ahoy me hearties !

Insatiable Fashions Lila Top 25L this weekend

rarrrrrrrrrwrrr ! I’m feelin all “piratey” in this sooper new Tee from Insatiable Fashions. Its made me feel all fresssssh and zesty, such a fab shade of blue! This weekend its on special offer for just 25L, comes on all layers also. Not only do you get the skull & crossbones edition but also a plain stripey version hoooraayyy! Scoooot over and take a mooch there’s MUCH lulliness to snuffle up…

Go walk the plank: Insatiable Fashions