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One for the boys (freebie).

At last a more than decent Freebie for men.  Zan is doing (badly) the Antisocial Web Hunt and so far happily for me the only thing she has found so far is this shirt.


OK so it’s not as shirt like as you would think in fact it’s more dirty man flasher mac or with the number on the pocket and the flag on the back  a Maoist Jacket.  Breathe is the name of this mens wear shop and it’s got some really new styled clothes and more than fairly priced.  Group, free to join, gifts are available but the shirt is missing the Alpha layer which is a shame as again it’s an unusual mens style.


I think this is the first hair I’ve owned which is mainly a tattoo base because basically hair that relies so much on the tat layer just looks unrezzed to me however as soon as I put on the demo I had to have it.  Although you have a choice of shades to purchase each pack only comes with the 1 shade, brown in this picture, which is standard for Ink hair. This comes with 3 tattoo layers which is basically buzz cut, sideburns and big sideburns and the texturing of the tattoo layer is so good it just looks like very cropped hair and of course a pronounced quiff.  I’ve forgotten to see if it has a resizer but will assume it has as most hair does in any case.

You’ll have to “man up” for this one because if you want to grab this limited edition of Inks, Gehog hair then you need to be an adult to get into this sim.  Set in a Gay friendly sim is a selection of shops with quality menswear for ALL men who like to dress to impress no matter which sex they want to impress.

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Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Boxed (free unusual home).

Time for a clear out, time to ditch the groups that even though you may have paid money to join don’t give you squat and also checking out your old groups can also remind you of why you joined in the first place and this “home” is a prime example of a (free to join) GG.


More detail than you think at first.  The box is raised up on a palette and as you can see from my average height AV it’s generously sized

Box1A mix of desperation and hope, the cute little mouse/rat is holding a sign which says something like “I squeak for cheese”.  Nice touch is that this is a linked item so if you’re not keen on the filthy mattress but love the box or love the bed hate the box, can’t stand the mouse you can fiddle with it till it’s your own Home Sweet Home.

Box3New hair which for some reason in SL I don’t buy a lot because I know what I like and I’m really very boring when it comes to hair but sadly even I had to update my old faithful Ford and change to Andy (the names of the hair).  Fortunately I got just what I wanted from Ink.  My only moan is that although the hair comes in a single colours which does cut the price down to just 150Lds there wasn’t a really dark brown that is my SL and RL preference.

Confession time.  Picked this jumper up from the now defunct Decembers The Gacha Arcade Event or rather from one of the Satellite markets that have now BOOOMED in popularity.  Bought it before Christmas so this Jumper, until ᴊɪɴ ʏɪ ᴡᴇɪ (kiddreamz) releases it in his shop Dynasty it can only be found in the remaining Gacha Yardsales.  Honestly I bought it for Zan because I thought it was a girls hoodie but nope it’s for me and I’m sure I paid just a low 50Lds for it.  Look at that texturing the knitted sections are so realistic, the hood which you can’t see is the same knitted fabric. The layers are also included.  Had a struggle to see some of the demos in the shop so I’ve added the link to his MP shop and you can pick up some of the demos there but if everything is as good as the Nordic Hoodie then tbh not sure if you even need to try one out first.

Dirty Boxes

Ink (hair)


Dynasty Marketplace