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House Crasher

Warbug FREE mesh jacket (also for guys!)

So, Zan has this new house. I absolutely love it, but…its not big enough for all my stuff ! Anyyywayyy I noodled on over to her place this morning, got myself nice and comfy in front of her fire and enjoyed a few stolen moments of P & Q. If youre a member of the Virtual Vagabonds group (and if youre not – WHY not! Link is in my groups list via my profile if you wanna) you may already have this snazzy-ready-for-Autumn mesh jacket, as a notice went out about all the gifts,dollarbies and cheapies to be found at WarBug. I sauntered over and snapped up a lotta gear, including the above. Its mesh, its deeeelicious and at just 10L whats not to like ! Guys, it also contains one in your size, brill huh?! Lovely fit and great Autmnal colours. Hurry over there and take a gander, the boardwalk is full of goodies and fun items to fool around with.