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Have you been yet? (Freebies).

I must be honest since most of the notices about this event,Indie Teepee, were aimed towards the live performances,art, poetry etc and because I’m a little SL wallflower, ok an unsociable biatch, I didn’t pay it much attention which would have been a damned shame as it’s packed with not just FREEBIES but so much bloddy temptation and you know it takes a lot to tempt me.


This as you can see is a stunning sim/windlight setting and as soon as you TP in when you’re greeted with this you know you’re in for a treat.  At the landing point there is a sign for you to click to grab a Hud which allows you easy TP to all the different areas plus a small package of gifts.


Thats me just taking a break in one of the performance tents.  BTW The shoes are from my last post but I didn’t do a picture of them and of course so are the shorts which as I said look great teamed up with other items from your invent.

OK now for the Freebies or rather not because a lot of the stalls have little brown crates on them and of course I snagged as much as I could see and I also treated myself to some lovely Gacha prizes but in all honesty way too many items to be able to show you and since this event is closed on the 24th of this month you still have plenty of time to go grab but I don’t want to delay this post just to take more piccies.

Plus think of all the lovely surprises you will have.

However if you’re not wanting to cave in and spend Lindens then don’t go.  As a hardened miser I’ve got my eye on 2 items which do come with a hefty price tag but OMG they’re soooooo good, the designers well deserve the Lindens for such quality work.  My only problem wasn’t the price tag but the thought of “would I really use them” so before I clicked and bought and then had buyers remorse for yet another item to be buried in my invent I decided to log off and have a think about it.

PS Forgot to say that there is everything from shoes to poses, horns to homes so something for everyone.

Indie Teepee