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I want to ride my bicycle !

Aphrodite 4th July set - NEW

AH yes, Queen said it best ! This is the special 4th of July version of the new Aphrodite bicycle, and ohmaiiii its sooper fun. If you want to see how this works there is a handy video right here made by the creator. Watch it, its sooo adorable !

Aphrodite 4th July Bike, fire and log - coldLogic top NEW - chevaux hair NEW

If you touch the centre part, it slowly opens and gives you access to the concealed picnic. Lovely animations for eating & drinking , plus poses for riding, map reading , resting etc – this is my new FAVOURITE thing everrrrrr ! Heres the spec’s for those that wanna know it all:

Picnic bicycle “Independence day” specially made for celebrating 4th July includes:

American Bike
16 LI
4 Single Poses
11 Couple Together poses
Includes all the poses of the other bikes and extra seducing poses (yawn trick, serving wine and toasting/ drinking the wine)
4 Couple Eating poses
10 Props
-Optional Open/close-Table on touch
-Optional wearable bike with AO
– Picnic box Open/Closes on touch.
-Optional wearable bike with AO. Ridable bicycle! (more below)

Aphrodite 4th July set - Log fire - log with couples and single poses - bike

I’ve left the log and fire out on my home sim as its so low prim and the poses are just lovely.

This amazing bicycle also includes a menu controlled animates fire as gift and a couples log fully loaded with more extra poses and props!

Log with USA American flag vintage pattern picnic blanket:

6 Single Poses
34 couple animations
17 Couple Poses
2 Props

I rode the wearable bike around yesterday, heaps of fun for sure and at such a great price ! Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

coldLogic demott top

Cheveux hair


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Thrifty 4th of July

FREE skirt & top - FREE hair

Not got a lotta cash to splurge for your party outfit? Dont worry I’ve got  a coupla ideas. I found this rather natty free outfit on the market place by Twisting Infinity. The top I’ve seen around the block more than a few times but it does go really nicely with the washed out red denim skirt, love the embroidered flag on the side ! My hair is also a gift from Cheveux, a new hair store for me yippeee! two shades of brown and blonde included, sweet style.

FREE dress

I also found this mesh stars & stripes dress for a single dollar from Fredrika, simple yet charming. To be honest there is literally gazillions of cheapie outfits on the market place for the 4th July, but these two above were a bit more special than the rest !

Fredrika dress

Twisting Infinity outfit


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4th of July – its covered !

Aphrodite 4th July set -NEW!!

If you’re looking for a way to make this 4th of July super special – look no further ! Aphrodite store has everrrrrything you could possible need to make it go with a bang. This is (part of) the “4th July mega party set”, which is enormous and amazing ! I seriously cant list all of the contents of the box but look HERE for all that it includes. The balloon arches even have sparkly lights that look like fireworks, there’s food, lanterns, cold buffet a dessert table, beer buckets and oooodles more. I so love how the food is themed, red, white & blue, flags etc, and as always attention to detail is spot on, there’s even little food-warmers under the hot dogs !

Aphrodite desert table - 4th July set

Close up view of some yummy treats, don’t forget to click food items , you will receive object to wear that animate you ! I especially liked the red, white & blue bowl of spaghetti.

Aphrodite details

Also, don’t be worried about prim counts, although the set is huge, its unlinked – meaning you can decide just how much to place out. Each component is really low prim !  Thanks Marina ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite blog