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Kissing it (non mesh)

Kiss stands for “Keep it simple stupid” and nothing could be simpler than this cardie.  Non mesh, wrap over with prim collar, cuffs, hand covers finished off with lovely detailed buckles at the hip.  This shop is so full of “kiss” good basic clothes, great colours, great selection, great prices, great hair, great boots and shoes so much so that I’ve gone and bought even more just standing here doing this write up and best of all sooo NON MESH and yet looks so meshy!
Kudos to Darling Monday because she has done something that I wish  other shops would do in that she has DEMOS for all of her stuff even though it is non mesh! I think this is a winner because if the display and the price doesn’t tempt you then once you pop the demo on and you can see how good it looks on then you will be tempted.

Ane make sure you take a walk outdoors!  This sim is shared with another large shop called Decco but the rest of the sim is a lovely, desolate, rocky beachy, grassy place.  So even thought this is a shopping sim you can also happily loiter here for a while and enjoy the atmosphere.

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In Her Shoes

Hello Zans feet *waves*…Im just the typist…zan’s done the legwork for this in her own words…and those of the designer..

“”Welcome! All the items I have made at: In Her shoes and Hair @ Vignette     are Free WHY!!? After years of loving Second Life and the creative freedom it brings, I’ve decided to give back. So young or new avi, rich or poor…I hope you enjoy the things I make.
Rachel Boram”

And I for one not only applaud her generosity but I wear it.  This store has been in SL for as long as I have but I’ve just rediscovered her treats through her new projects, she builds shops and homes for a SL living and hair and shoes for pleasure and freeness.   I compared her sneakers to my expensive ones and they were identical apart from price.


Everything in her store is for FREE.  She has everything a girl would need from sexy stilettos to cute flatties from statement shoes to understated shoes.  She’s not forgotten the men folk either as there is a small selection for the boys.

But there is more.  Hidden in the corner of the store is a small door and that leads you to a treasure trove of free hairs.  Male and female. Quickly snatched up a cute short little bob for myself but coming back later to check out the rest and fingers crossed it’s as good as the shoes.

All footwear: In Her Shoes

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Glamour never cost so little

Glam of my most favourite places to go and cheer myself up when I’m broke – has new items!! I always dash straight over there to take a gawp…this time I avoided the elbowing going down by the skin dept. and scooted over to the clothes…snapped up this ensemble called Bologna. Great satin shine flared skirt & double layered tee…naturally, just 10L (everrrrything is 10L)

Then I spied this outfit called Oslo…fantastic denim one piece (it also has a purple sort of shrug thing with it, but I didn’t much like it) You get two types of pants,one wearable with prim cuffs,the other just straight with no cuffs required..Ive teamed up with a denim jacket from Poison and some black flats from In Her shoes (freeee-all shoes are free there woot) only 10L. The hair I’m wearing above is also from Glam affair,it’s called Katy, various shades available, a pack of 3 tones is only..youve guessed it..10L ! There is oceans of gear in this place..evening wear,casual,skins,hair and yes guys a whole dept.just for you.

Go get glam: Glam affair