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Spring time Wedding


Immerse Weekend offer

Super Sales Weekend is ahead and this gorgeous slinky gown is up for grabs at just 90L. Its called Zuri and is an off the shoulder design, it also comes with an optional floral shoulder attachment and jewelled brooch. I’m also wearing a sweet little clutch bag from Glow Designs, which comes in a whole heap of other colour choices – love the heart shaped links on the handle ! Would be a perfect outfit for one of those Spring weddings no? This time of year always see’s a flurry of wedding invites for me in real life, sometimes SecondLife – c’mon someone get married and invite me !

Aphrodite Store - Wedding cakes NEW!

Of course any wedding needs a cake, and I’ve got these to show you from Aphrodite Store. They are beautifully crafted, and I actually felt like swirling a fingertip through the icing to get a sneaky taste ! Three themes (that should keep even the most hardened bridezilla happy.) There is “Choco Roses”, my personal fav, “loving swans” which is so delicately iced and has a pair of swans nuzzling on the top and also “beach lovers”. Each cake dispenses wearable foodie items for your guests, lovely animations in them too. Wayyyyy back in 2007 our wedding cake was a prim nightmare – if memory serves me right it was around the 170 prim mark. These are seriously low prim and you can entertain your guests perfectly in such style.


Aphrodite store

Aphrodite blog

Aphrodite market place

Glow Designs



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Black Crowes

Panda Punx gift FREE shape - skin - all appliers ! Immerse sale Barbie - Clawtooth Girl trouble hair RARE The Arcade -

Panda Punx have been so very generous in the last week or so, not only providing great hunt prizes but the packages have been fantastic ! My skin and shape are their gift in the Black Crowes Hunt that begins on the 10th March and ends on the 25th march. Its called Kamila, really wearable light skin tone with dramatic dark lips and smokey eyes. I liked the shape  a lot also but the BIG plus is the appliers they give with it, I think they covered every applier you could ever need ! My beautiful belted dress is “Barbie” and is made by Lilly Juno for Immerse. Wicked sale that ends today, so get your skates on to snap this up for just 55L ! (usually 295L) . I had a brilliant find at a sale for The Arcade items – a rare Clawtooth girl trouble hair do yippee! Love love love this hair !

Panda Punx gift skin,shape all appliers - Immerse sale cami

This dress is also part of the sale at Immerse, called “cami” and one of those useful little numbers that work with flat, heels or boots. It will be just 60L till the end of today ! Plenty more offers on also so go take a peek. Thanks Lilly  & Lluna ❤


Panda Punx

Black Crowes Hunt blog

The Arcade (for Clawtooth hair)

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All the pretty things

Immerse NEW!

Ohh its sunny today and it’s really lifted my spirits ! So, here I am basking in the sunrays at the new surf beach provided by our awesome landlord at Fruit Islands . (If youre looking for land I can totally recommend them) I’m wearing a new dress “Belladonna” from Immerse, who are currently having a whopping 50% off sale yay! The sale runs until the 2nd of Feb, so you’ve got time to dash over and grab up some bargains.

Eclectica NEW! Anna shapes NEW!

My shape is also a  special price, its by Anna Shapes, a favourite shape maker of Zan and I. This one is called “Gisella” and I really like it. You can get this for just 80L at the moment if you visit The Designer Circle event. Notice my stunning jewels? How can you not ! This is a new set from Eclectica called “Artifact”, I find it totally breathtaking to be honest. It’s a really bold design, with nine cabochon stones set in various tones of metal (sold separately). The stones colour can be altered via a simple to use menu system, and as you can see, I’ve chosen this delicate green to compliment my dress perfectly. The set comprises of the neck piece, two cuffs and earings, all made utilising the new materials method. It’s also unrigged, which means you can manually edit the shape and tint if you wish, so handy dandy ! Thanks so much Tiffy ❤



Eclectica market place (demos available)

Anna Shapes at The Designer Circle.

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25-for-25 & Dragon skin Pumps !



Immerse 25L hunt dress - KoKoLoReS mischief poses fi friday item

The 25-for-25 event has begun, 25 stores, 25 items to find at the cost of …you’ve guessed it…25L! Above is the item from Immerse, it’s called Lucie and is a snazzy little frock for evening wear. Glam fabrics, lush red and brocade black, all set off with a stylish little bow at the waist. My pose is from the “mischievous” set by KoKoLoReS, its in this weeks Fi*Friday sale, there’s also a fabbalicious set of poses for the guys. Looks like I’ve been stood up by my date huh?

Immerse 25L hunt dress - KoiKoi slink med shoes NEW!

So might as well go inside and wait, stick a pound in the juke box and warm up with a wriggle. I totally had to dash to KoiKoi and treat myself to a pair of the new of the “dragon pumps”.

KoiKoi NEW!

Ultra classy , the texture is almost good enough to lick ! Beautiful range of colours for these, and at just 295L per pair, a real steal. These are made for the medium Slink feet btw.


25-for25 hunt blog with all info & hints



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Sweater girl with a vintage twist

Immerse NEW

Immerse has an exclusive for The upcoming Fashion Fair, it begins on the 30th November, one to look out for. The new dress is called “Sequoia”, lovely tight fitting sweater dress with a beautiful bow tied belt at the front. (thanks Lily <3)

Eclectica - NEW!

I wore it with my newwww super elegant Slink shoes from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy <3) These are the” bowed court shoe”s, the fabric is a rich brocade, so lush! Lots of other colours available (the silver and black are just yummy) and at 190L a pair – very affordable. These are also materials ready hoohah!


Fashion Fair (I will try to get a more direct LM from Lily when I see her online)

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Immerse re-opening

Immerse Autumn Meadows chair NEW!

Lily Juno is back and Immerse is re-opening ! The chairs shown above a few of the colours available in the newly released Autumn Meadows range. Lovely poses and a great stylish shape. They are also discounted for Lazy Sunday so head down and grab up a bargain. While you’re there see if you can find the furniture piece thats marked down to just 10L – here’s the clue ” I like to look at you every day-You are close to my heart in every way” – good luck !


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Eat your greens

Immerse NEW! Picnic table VIP Group gift

Immerse has bundles of new items for me to share ! The new range is called “maple greens” (hence the really bad pun in the title) Lets get the ball rolling with the superb new VIP Group gift. This is the Maple Greens picnic table, it sits up to six you can really have a bunch of friends over and get partying ! Lovely poses and some decor also included , plates, food etc…you can use as much or as little of this depending on your prim count, the table itself comes in at just 10 prims. (small join fee for the Vip group btw)

Immerse NEW! Maple Greens chairs & tables

These chairs and tables are also parts of the new range, SO low prim it’s almost criminal. Beautifully textured (as always) and packed with poses.

Immerse NEW! Maple Greens new range

Here is the main event so to speak, the pergola, really well done with drapes around to shield you from the bright sunshine…love how the glazed roof peaks upwards, a really stylish touch. The furniture really compliments the square shape so well…grab the whole set !

Immerse NEW! Bridge with single and couple poses

Last up and my personal favourite from this latest release, is the bridge. I begged my bestie guy friend to come over and pose with me as its got two sooper cute snuggly animations for couples. Not static but totally adorable moving ones…a low prim beauty that will add glamour to your home. Thanks Lilly ❤