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Getting Lei’d

coldLogic NEW!!! budd skirt & anton tied top

I do so love this prop from Image essentials, Ive been thinking about using it for simply eons. My outfit is part of the new summer releases from coldLogic, gawd this skirt “budd” is splendisimo, I added the “anton” top in a delicate peach tone to compliment the indigo of the skirt. The “budd” skirt comes in some really versatile colours but if you’re looking for the same skirt but with a bolder summer feel, try “aubrey”.

coldLogic NEW!!! budd skirt - anton top

Just wanted to show off my derrière, this skirt make your butt POP ! Great shaping, I’m wearing the physique shape of both items, they have been especially designed to work brilliantly over your physique mesh body – clever huh? It really helps my inventory out – delete all other shapes, keep just the physique yay! You can also see the beautifully shaped back of the “anton” top and the fabulous tie – sooper sweet. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

Shoes by Reign (FLF offer -not sure if it’s still out)

Prop by Image Essentials here

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Beach Life and the long weekend

Let me see Dress NEW! Image essentials scarf prop

Yay its a long weekend ! Super sunny here but sadly I can’t get to the beach as my car is in for repair – boohoo . At least I can visit the dunes in SL though right? Here I am, wearing the newest release form ArisAris called “Let me look”. Sensational little sun-dress with a really low-cut back and all over embroidered pattern. Quite bold colours they really catch the eye.

ArisAris NEW!! Let me see dress & sandals

Also on offer are the matching  toe post sandals, they look to be made of wrapped ribbons and fabric, all sorts of colours entwined. (For SLink flat and Maitreya) My pose props are by Image Essentials, I’ve had quite the spend up there lately. This set is called “care free” and consists of scarf & flower poses with the props included.

ArisAris store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris Blog

Image essentials store

Image essentials market place

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Ramp it up

Boadicea Mesh dress (top and bottom parts) Marianna Porterfield of RaMp sent me a little box of goodies to see ! I wanted to share with you one of them called “Boadicea”. It’s such a feminine design and it immediately made me think of summer weddings. The dress is actually in two parts, you can wear them together as above, or on their own like below. The top layer is lacey and sheer and fits beautifully over the satin dress beneath. Delicate capped sleeves leave your arms bared, and the handkerchief hemline flutters around your ankles. Boadicea Mesh dress (top part) I really felt like I wanted to dance across the meadow, might have been an idea to put some lingerie on first though – luckily no one was around. The lace fabric looks antique, and it does also come in a cream version and a black version. Low price at just $99L a set. If you like my stand in groom, he’s from Image Essentials, there’s a range of these cute guys with a pose built right in (I think I bought them all!) I’m always wishing for a guy to pose with, so this is dead handy-dandy for me. RaMp market place

RaMp mainstore

Image Essentials market place

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Summer fun.



Even if you don’t blog SL most people like to take decent pictures of themselves and you just can’t do it without the decent poses.  I was using some of my Image Essential poses in my previous post and then I realised that Kay Weston has some out at the latest round of The Thrift Market which has finally died down enough for me to have a bit of a mooch around.  TBH I didn’t stay for very long because with my new skin and hair I just wanted to get some SL posing done before I have to return to woolies and jeans.


The poses I’m using in these pictures are from the Sashay pack and at this moment is only available at The Thrift Shop Event.  Although Fat packs offer you better value in the end, if you’re just after a few single poses then there are ooodles of them in her main shop.   Not only does she have a shop packed with single poses, couple poses,  fat packs, props, Gachas and on and on I think she has some of the best male poses in SL.  Even though its me hopping on and off the poses I can tell that these aren’t womens poses that have been tweaked to suit a male shape, or maybe they are but they’ve been done so well they work.  They’re subtle, simple, many and boyish.  They’re manly enough for any bulked up AV and yet also subtle enough for Baylen.  I’m just counting my blessings that our sim is in Autumn mode because there is a beach lookout chair, one of those high chairs that life guards like to pose on, which is pretty darn excellent as a prop for a summer sim.

However one of the best things about Image Essentials and Kay Western is her generosity.   She has studios packed with props and poses FREE for all to use.  Each studio is dedicated to a certain style ie male props/poses, group props/poses, family props/poses.  Then dotted over the sim are full builds for you to use at your leasure.  You can rezz your own props and poses but seriously you will probably not need to do that at all because not only has she ensured that there are as many props/poses for people to use she uses not only her own but many props/poses from basically everyone who makes them.  It goes without saying that if you do rezz something then keep the prims DOWN! and make sure to CLEAN UP!  I know that seems obvious but Faith and I know all to well that people can be such mucky people lol.  Other than that all Kay asks is that you join her, Free, group and don’t bother the wild life.  This generosity allows everyone a chance to try to make pictures that they are proud of and show them how artistic they can be.  Also although this is an active sim and group you’re not spammed.  One of the most helpful groups and even when you’re on the sim pulling poses no one will bother you because they’re all so busying doing their own thing.  So no excuses for all the naff piccies.  Pop over, join and see what you can do.

Hopefully the LM should take you directly to the Image Essential stall at The Thrift Shop but if it doesn’t it’s easy to find as it’s right at the end of a row and right next to the row of so tempting Gachas.

PS although Kay has made all of the studios and builds free to use there are Tip Jars to pop some Lindens in or just go and buy something.  That way you get to have some handy poses to use in your own home as well as helping with the cost of the sim.

Image Essentials@The Thrift Shop

Image Essential

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Another of the big events going on at the moment is The Wild West Fair and I have to confess I wasn’t going to go as I’m neither a cowgirl or a RPer but then Star Ghost sent me some of the Gacha items they have set out there so I went and I’m glad I did. This isn’t hardcore Cowboy/RPing stuff although there are plenty of clothes and props to suit that fashion, there is a whole mix of clothes, skins, shoes, hairs and on and on everything you would expect at an event.

cow use

What a way to spend a Sunday morning Yeehawing on a mechanical bull.  This prop and pose bull is one of the prizes in the Image Essentials Gacha and for 75Lds you get the bull and bull ring with a single pose unless you’re lucky like me and win the rare one which has all the poses in it.


This is not only a great pose/prop but at 11 prims a fun decor item if you have a stable, ranch type home.  Check out the Woo Hoo on my face that’s a freebie Emoter hud you can get from the excellent Image Essentials sim.  I’ve mentioned this sim before because when someone spends so much time and money and thought into making something anyone can use for free needs as much plugging as they can get so everyone can have a try at taking pictures even if it’s just for your own pleasure.   Kay has not only set up a number of studios packed with not only props and poses from her shop but from other animators.  She has studios for Families, women, men etc  The Emoter Hud is available in that background studio, it’s probably available elsewhere but easy to find there.  Then we have to talk about the sim, there is a TP to take to different areas with full-sized builds where you can use what she has set out or rezz your own, make sure you CLEAN UP afterwards and of course this is a non nookie sim so no using rudie poses!

All you have to do to use all of these goodies is simply join the Group and if you can spare a few Lindens then it donations go a long way to saying thanks OR even better pop into Kays big shop and treat yourself to a pose or prop.


Back to the bull.  In the rare there is a total of 8 poses and each are so photogenic I ended up taking dozens of pictures at all angles.  Remember of course if you really want the rare but keep on ending up with the non rare you can keep on trying till you get it because there are numerous Gacha Yardsales and I can’t imagine you would have any difficulty of reselling these if you don;t like the particular pose.


Can you tell I had fun?  Again as someone who is constantly looking for props and poses this to me is a real find but again as I have this shoved in a barn or outside is a great prop for your home.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed you win the Rare if it’s any help.

The Wild West Fair

Image Essentials Pose Studios, Sim and Shop

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I want to tell you all about Image Essentials  Kay Weston and her management  not only has a shop to buy all the props and poses you need to take some decent pictures but in true generosity she has a WHOLE sim set up with a massive amount of props/scenes/builds/studios/landscaping and all of that is OMG FREE to anyone to use.

The amount of time, money and imagination that goes into builds like this is staggering but to then leave it open to all and sundry is a reminder of what SL is all about.  However of course that doesn’t mean you cannot donate to the running of the sim and a gentle reminder is send out occasionally but no matter how large or small the donation just the fact that you have donated is much appreciated.  Then again you could also pop into her main shop Image Designs and treat yourself to a few poses.


Every time I visit there is something new and the Unicorn I’m battling with is certainly new to me.  I deliberately took this picture just using SL Windlight settings so even if you don’t have any sort of photo editing program you can still take brill pictures.


I rummaged through some of my previous images where I have either used Image Essentials Props or Poses to show you.  Nice to see that the men for once get quite a decent chance to take pictures as there are many male poses and props and even a full studio with just mens stuff (that’s never stopped me from using them as well). There are several studios from men and women to family poses.  Which leads nicely to the point that nudity isn’t frowned upon but only when it’s non sexual or porno, no one wants to see the danglies or the bazookas purlees!


Sometimes the simplest backgrounds can make the biggest impact. Although you do have to join the Image Essential Group to be able to activate the poses this is a great group.  People more than happy to offer help and advice but quiet enough so you don’t feel annoyed at all the chat.


As I’ve said not only does …use her own props n poses but is more than happy to stuff her sim with some of the best in SL and everyone should recognise who made this amazing pond. There are urban builds to enchanted woodlands.   The best thing about this place is no matter how busy it gets, and it is a popular location for many a photographer, you will be left alone! No one will IM you to ask what you’re doing no one will bother even camming you because this is a place for Pros as well as novices just to chill out and hopefully take some great pictures.


The “Dare” is that the Monthly Comp is now in place and you still have more than enough time to enter.  The details will be sent to you when you TP in and it’s basically very simple.  Kay has some new builds set out a lovely cottage and apple stand(shown) etc and all you have to do is using this area as a prop/background take your best shot. You can rezz any prop or pose you wish but again make sure you clean up.  Just to show you how user friendly this photo sim and Kay is check out the basic rules:  This simply means if you don’t have any sort of Photoshopping prog or skills so you won’t bother entering then you have a chance just using windling, facelights and skill to win not only some Shop Credit but also actual Lindens.

(must be a snapshot – saved to inventory when photo was taken and NOT edited))
(anything that is sent as a texture – a picture that was saved to harddrive
and then imported into SL and is classed as a texture regardless of whether
you have edited or not.)

Now I have rezzed and used my own poses sometimes so I know that you can BUT and I cannot stress this enough please clean up after yourself.  I don’t think this is a big issue at Image Essentials, of course I could be wrong however it must be so frustrating for any sim owner to have to keep on checking the prims because of people rezzing stuff and just not cleaning up after themselves.

To make it even easier I’m putting not only the link to the sim but also the one to join the group so you don’t even have to slap the group joiner board.

Image Essentials

Image Essentials Comp Area

Image Essentials Group Invite

Image Essentials Marketplace