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Fly me to the moon (freebies, cheapies, funnies).


m33R1 Resident  has some really daft (thats English for silly) items in the shop which will make most of us smirk but it’s also got some real handy goodies.  So even if you’re not into quirky still check this shop as it has some real lovely pieces set out amongst the “daftness”.  Although this is small shop make sure to check not only the outside and upper floor but the roof where there is even more fun items and some Lucky Chairs.  So plonk yourself on the banana seat and have a sort through of your old notes and score some goodies but then since a lot of items here are just a few Lindens there is no reason not to spoil yourself.


I think I broke my roses because I couldn’t get them to turn off and I’m 100% sure that you can have them positively glowing or more muted.  They’re actually on very long stalks and in the shop they’re hanging from the ceiling like lights or placed lower down like lamps.  Personally I think that if they were dotted around your landscaping they would add puddles of light to landscaped areas. The middle Daisy comes with poses as well. Not amazing ones but fit well and can be adjusted but the oversized flower itself is just lovely and creamy and only a single prim.  Go on! make a garden full of them.


Flying to my new moon.  An oversized lit umbrella light so no poses.  What can I say really just a fun item of light for your home.


Finally I found my moon.  The way you change your Windlight also changes the overall colour but it’s a basic luminous moon and with this windlight setting it’s turned golden.  Some lovely simple poses in it.

Prices are Rose Lights=15Lds, Daisy=20Lds, Umbrella light=29Lds some of the items are actually priced differently from the signs.