An old haunt

MEB, Ayumi & Idiosyncrasy

Going back to 2007, which makes me feel SO old ! There was a store that Player and I used to go to a lot. Its called Enky Things or Enky’s as its now known. Its has like EVERYTHING ! housewares,clothing,garden stuff, apparel,gadgets and more! We used to go over when we had little cash to grab up a few hundred items, because EVERYTHING is 1L or free. We’d spend hoursss opening boxes, playing with gadgets and getting all excited about what we’d found..awww innocent fun huh? Anyyyywayyy I was told by a little birdy that Enky’s now hosts a designer type area, where items are 1L also! So naturally I had to head over and take a peek. I cobbled together this outfit for the princely sum of 3L..Roma pants by MEB (come with the awesome belt yumm), button up shirt (in a HUGE fat pack of colours) from Ayumi anddd a skin in 3 tones by Idiosyncrasy..all 1L each…isnt it gorrrjus! There was heaps more too..lingerie by Insolence, jewels, alllll sorts ! Click the pic for a closer view..and get over there!

Go get dressed: Enky’s

tip: when you land follow the red arrow above you or go directly ahead and enter the clothing section.