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Into the light

Icons of Style prop pose and sparkly lights! complete outfit with shoes for slink feet $1125L! Zan posted here about some really neato patches of sparkly lights from Icons of Style the other day. They were on sale at the colour me project event – trouble was me and another reader hopped and skipped over to snap them up – and the vent was closed *sniff*. Thats what happens when you’re a slow poke I guess ! Anywayyyy I’ve got GREAT news, they are now for sale at the main IOS store yippeee! Katia Millet let me know as she had read that we were all sad about not getting them, and I whizzed over to grab them. Sadly, IOS is such a bloggers/photographers paradise of poses, props and SPARKLY things, I got into trouble prettily easily ! I bought a few packs of the twinkly light patches, there are simply heaps of them, and so affordable I got loads. You can lay them flat on a floor, or as I did above hang them also on walls, they really do sparkle and twinkle so beautifully. I treated myself to a couple of props, above is one of the candle poses – you get six and just $90L its a real steal. (each patch of lights is just 1 prim) Icons of Style prop pose and sparkly lights! Complete outfit with shoes for Slink high feet £125L !! I couldn’t resist the light-bulb pose pack , again six poses and only $90L. If you click the bulbs they turn on and off too – brilliant ! You will find the light packs upstairs, be prepared there’s so many options and colours – even ones that roll across the floor. Thanks Katia ❤  Btw my outfit is by Stars Fashion, special promotion for another couple of days for just $125L, complete outfit, optional vest, bra top and micro mini skirt PLUS shoes that fit Slink high feet – don’t miss out !

Icons of Style

Stars Fashion market place